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  • What the Heck Is a Finstagram?
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If you follow any kids or people younger than you on Instagram, you might have seen alternate accounts called ‘Finstagrams.’ What is a Finstagram and why do so many people have them?

It’s a bit confusing if you aren’t of that particular age group, but it’s something that you’ll want to know about if you have anything to do with social media marketing (or just want to know what your niece and nephew are talking about).

Turning the World Off

Instagram lets people show things. Things like food, happy photos, images that are staged, and other things in life that are kind of fake. Think about the last time that you posted something on Instagram. What was it? A perfectly aligned photograph of the food you just ate? A book and some pencils to show the world that you are an intellectual that likes to read? A fitness photograph that shows a non-sweaty version of yourself?

All of those things are fun to document, but none of them show the world what is really happening with you. All of those images are just fake and are really there for show. This is where a Finstagram comes into play with the younger Instagram set. A Finstagram is an alternate Instagram account that is meant to be real, raw, and, yes, funny.

Making Sense of It

But, wait, isn’t the whole point of an Instagram account to be real and raw and funny? Well, kind of. Except that there are people following your account that have prying eyes (mostly parents to kids that are setting up these alternate accounts), leave critiques, or just aren’t ready to see the real you. So this is where your Finstagram account might come into play. This account will show the real you.

You can take ugly selfies with your alternate account. You can post things that some people following your real account might not want to see (like opinions on a book to read), and you can make really ugly photos using Snapchat filters. This is the point of a Finstagram. It’s a mental break from trying to look perfect using your Instagram account. Confused? Well, maybe it’s not for you.

The Audience

Finstagram accounts are usually created by kids under the age of 16. These kids feel a ton of pressure to look perfect on social media, to show the world that they are pretty and happy and having a blast all the time. So the answer to that kind of pressure is, for them, another account that lets them be real and silly and funny all at the same time.

If we analyze this further, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to open up another Instagram account because the one that you have is making you crazy, right? Well, it makes sense to those kids that are setting up these accounts, I suppose. Finstagrams are a real trend right now. One that will likely keep spreading.

Just don’t expect those younger kids that you follow on Instagram to accept your request to follow their Finstagram accounts. The point of those alternate accounts is to get away from anyone that might not like the realness of a FInstagram account.

In other words, if you’re an adult, you probably won’t be able to follow someone that has a Finstagram account - but don’t sweat it, it just means that you’re not part of the cool crowd.