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  • Amazon's New Fire TV Stick
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Amazon has released a new TV stick called the Fire TV Stick that will directly compete with Chromecast. Fire TV will let users plug the stick into a television via HDMI port, and from there users can access a bunch of Amazon content in addition to Spotify, Crackle, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.

Knowing full well that its competed with Google’s Chromecast, Amazon has already started to compare the Fire TV Stick to what Chromecast has to offer. Here’s how it stacks up.

Fire TV Compared to Chromecast

Amazon claims that Fire TV will have 4 times the storage and 2 times the memory that Chromecast has. Fire TV will also let users access Amazon’s music and video on demand services, and Amazon has plenty of content to offer. Amazon is also making some popular games available at launch including Flappy Bird, Monsters University, Toy Story, and Tetris.

The Fire TV stick comes with dual-core processors (hence the faster time), more storage, and some additional features for Amazon tablet users including X-Ray sync. The stick will also come with a “ASAP” button, which will let users load Amazon content faster. Those that purchase the stick will also receive one month of Prime with the stick.

It’s worth pointing out, too, that Amazon has recently purchased the gaming company Twitch for $1 billion, and the Fire TV stick will also support games developed by that company. Even though Amazon claims that Fire TV will be better than Chromecast, the company has a lot of catching up to do considering the number of people that already use Chromecast (and other streaming sticks).

Using and Controlling Fire TV

Fire TV will ship with a remote control that will ship with the stick. The remote will give users complete control over the stick, so that anything offered through Amazon. Fire TV will also come with Android and iOS mobile apps, and the stick will work with mobile search.

Pricing and Availability Details

If you are currently an Amazon Prime member, you can pre-order the stick for $19. If you’re not a Prime member, you can purchase the Fire TV stick for $39. But even if you buy the stick now on pre-order, it won’t start shipping until November 19th. So, you can’t actually start using the stick right away. Ordering will happen through the Amazon website.

Buying the Fire TV Stick

If you compare the prices of the Chromecast stick and the Fire Stick, they’re pretty much the same with the Chromecast stick being four dollars cheaper. The Fire Stick will be faster and store more information, and you can have access to Amazon’s content.

It looks like the Fire TV stick will really give Chromecast a run for its money, but the device hasn’t actually shipped yet, so we’ll have to compare the stick when it does hit the market. Just looking at the details, though, the Fire TV stick might be one item you’ll want to put on your Christmas list if you don’t mind that $39 price tag.