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  • Firefox 17 Has Deep Social Integration
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The latest version of Firefox is unlike the rest. Mozilla developers have decided to treat social sites like Facebook and Twitter differently. Since users tend to view these sites in a different fashion, creating a browser that lets users keep up with social messages is a step in the right direction. Firefox 17 will come with various messenger sidebars, so that users can keep up with messages from social sites without actually visiting or clicking on a site page.

It will be possible to turn messaging sidebar options on and off by simply clicking a button. If you happen to be tuned into your Facebook chat around the clock, or want to know what’s happening with other sites, social sidebars may be something that you’ll love. Mozilla isn’t the only company to start integrating and viewing social sites as unique entities. Other companies like Google have also made the decision to place social messages at the forefront.

Not Facebook Specific

If you download the current version of Firefox, you’ll note that the one messenger sidebar now available is Facebook. But, don’t let this fool you. Mozilla execs plan to add plenty of other social sidebars to the mix, these are just not available yet. Which social sites will receive a Firefox nod hasn’t been announced yet, but I’m guessing Twitter will be one of the upcoming options.

How will Mozilla manage to integrate numerous social sidebars simultaneously? This question has not yet been answered. Mozilla has told press that the company is working out the kinks, though. In all likelihood, Firefox might soon be the only browser that lets you run a number of different messenger services at once, without actually going to a social site’s homepage. For some, this is a social dream come true. For others, being followed by social sidebars is more like an annoying nightmare. Either way, the Mozilla team is well on its way to making social sidebars of all kinds a reality.

Downloading and Running Firefox 17

Firefox 17 is currently available for all to use. If you are currently running an older version of Firefox, the newer version can be easily upgraded to. If you’ve never used Firefox, now might be an optimal time. After all, no other browser out there will allow you to turn social sidebars on and off. If you live in the social world, this is really a feature for you. To find the new Firefox 17, simply head to the Mozilla Firefox homepage. From there, select the new update and download.

To turn that Facebook sidebar on, visit the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page, find the green “on” button and turn your chat on. As mentioned, Mozilla is working on other social integration sidebars, but those haven’t arrived quite yet. What do you think of Mozilla’s new social integration idea? Would you like to have constant access to your social messenger options and friend comments? Or, do you find the mere though of a social sidebar entirely annoying? Let me know what you think in the comments.