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  • Mozilla: Not About to be Outfoxed by Google Chrome
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Dark and depressing days used to haunt the Internet. Those days were filled with nothing but Internet Explorer. Almost all systems came with Explorer, and Explorer was the only option. Explorer still comes with a lot of PCs, but now there are better options that the savvy consumer can choose.

As soon as consumers got sick of Explorer, Mozilla entered the browser scene. Mozilla’s Firefox was faster, smarter, and a great alternative to the tired and buggy Explorer. For awhile, Mozilla users reveled in the unique identity that was Firefox. Then, along came Google Chrome.

While Chrome didn’t have a loveable fox emblem, it was a true Firefox contender. Chrome was updated every six weeks, and this browser just felt different. Slowly, Firefox was pushed to the wayside. Now, Mozilla is making a comeback with the release of Firefox 5 – a different kind of fox.

Copying Chrome

What do you do when a competitor has a better product? There are two viable options. The first option is to try and create a better product. When that fails, the only thing left to do is devise a product that’s just as good as the one that your competitor is offering.

Chrome is updated every three weeks. The new Firefox 5 will be updated every three months. Not quite the same as every three weeks, but a gallant effort all the same. This announcement was made awhile ago, and Mozilla just made good on its word. Three months after the latest version of Firefox, the newest version was released. Is the new version better?

New Inclusions

Not only is Firefox 5 updated regularly, it also comes with some new features. Things to look for include CSS Animation support, Mozilla’s exclusive “do-not-track” feature (prevents other websites from tracking you when configured), and add-on SDK (help for developers).

Mozilla has also made it possible to view two-dimensional graphics with its Canvas feature. Canvas allows for better all-around viewing (something that avid Firefox users will notice). If you happen to have an Android phone, the new Firefox 5 has some things in store exclusively for Android users too.

New for Android

A lack of smooth panning is a huge Android complaint. Mozilla has fixed this problem by allowing Android users to pan without issue. Firefox now also supports Web Open Font format, which will please a lot of Android users.
Firefox supporters never really left Mozilla’s side. Instead, most of these users were simply waiting for Firefox to catch up with Chrome. Mozilla has recognized that the Internet is moving at a fast pace, which is why the company has created a new browser that can keep up with the competition.

This is a lesson that other technology companies (Research In Motion, anyone?) should make note of. Google may have come out with the latest and greatest thing when Chrome was invented, but Firefox wasn’t about to be left behind in the dust. Rejoice, Firefox users, the latest version of this browser is foxier than ever.