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  • Firefox 6

Firefox has been a great web browser for years and the latest version has taken the internet world and also the web development world by storm. With this new version it’s become quite clear that Mozilla intends on following Google’s leads by speeding up the release date of this new version only a few months after their latest version.

What Can Firefox 6 Offer You?

One of the best things about Firefox 6 is that the bugs that plagued the last version of Firefox, causing it to crash at the worst times, have been eliminated which means that people like web developers or even the most casual of users won’t have Firefox go down right in the middle of their online project, games that they are playing or videos that they might be watching.

Version 6 comes with a lot of huge upgrades that web developers will love like an improved web console panel, brand new editor for Java Script and a cool need editor called scratch pad. В These features will enable developers to create better web properties plus more effectively test their websites and new web apps using Firefox.

For casual and advanced internet users the best thing of all is that Firefox version 6 is almost 20 percent faster than version 5 and this increase in speed beats out Google Chrome or Internet Explorer any day of the week.


One of the problems with any web browser is that sometimes they don’t warn the user about the site that they are visiting. Since many websites have gotten more advanced with phishing or scamming Mozilla has stepped up its security features and Firefox 6 will inform the users by highlighting the URL and making it very clear if the website they are visiting might harm their computer or not.

Users will also have more control over other security features like how they manage their browsers cookies and passwords. Mozilla also fixed previous security flaws that were related to memory management and heap overflows. This news might not seem like big news to advanced internet users or web developers but it’s a sign that Mozilla is stepping up its game and intends on being a major competitor to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer for a long time into the future.

In Depth

One of the cool things about Firefox is that they’ve simplified the latest version and have eliminated a lot of the add on’s that can sometimes make Internet Browsers very confusing. Some people might not like the stripped down feel that Firefox 6 has and they can restore the more interactive features like menus so they can enjoy more of a web browser feel.

Firefox also has caught up with Google Chrome and now supports pinned tabs. These tabs can be kept on the left side of the browser so any user can conveniently access their most favorite websites any time they want.

Besides all of the new features and enhanced speed that help Firefox to keep its place as a competitor in the browser market, it’s also compatible with the latest version of HTML and other plugins like Kraken 1.0, Sunspider and V8 Benchmark Suite.

With the marked improvements that Mozilla is making many developers and casual internet users hope they will continue to focus on improving their software instead of speedily releasing new versions to keep up with their competitors. With another new version planned for release in October only time will tell if that version will improve on Firefox 6 or if it will be like putting a new coat of paint on an old car.