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  • New Firefox for Android Tablets
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There’s always been something great about Mozilla’s Firefox. Even when Chrome came to town, Firefox still retained a number of its original followers. Now, Mozilla has announced a new Firefox for Android tablets. This announces has been much anticipated, and it seems as though Mozilla will not disappoint.

The new Firefox for Android aims to combine all that’s great about Honeycomb with the many features of Firefox fans can’t live without. Android tablet users will also find a number of new features that Mozilla has been perfecting throughout the past few months. If you own an Android tablet, here’s what you can expect from the upcoming release of the new Mozilla Firefox for Android tablets.

Old Familiars

If you’re used Firefox with your smartphone before, you may have noticed two distinct features. These features include the “Awesomebar” and the “Back Button.” The Awesomebar allows users to bookmark certain sites through the URL bar. Users can later access these sites simply by selecting a site from the URL bar. The Back button needs no explanation, but it is one feature that makes Firefox stand out.

Both of these features will be present in the new Firefox for Android edition. If you’ve become familiar with the Awesomebar or the Back Button, you’ll be happy to know that not much has changed when it comes to these two options. Mozilla has also worked very hard to make sure that the new Firefox is right at home on any Android tablet.

By using the existing Honeycomb interface as a model, the new Firefox really does combine the best of both worlds. Android users will have very little trouble adjusting to the newest Mozilla creation. In addition to the old familiars that Firefox has kept, the new Firefox will also have some improvements.

New Upgrades

Tabs that can be accessed in two different ways will cause Mozilla’s new Firefox to stand out. When held vertically, tabs are presented in drop-down form. If a tablet is flipped horizontally, tabs appear as a neat and accessible sidebar. The addition of tab styles will make the new Firefox easy to navigate.

But, just in case you have a hard time figuring out the tab situation, Mozilla explains how the tabs are meant to be used in the company’s latest press release. Taking a gander at this release will provide you with additional details about the new Mozilla offering. Android users are bound to be very pleased with the work that Mozilla has put into the new Firefox.


Mozilla has not yet announced when Firefox for Android tablets will be available. Mozilla is expected to release additional design details on the company blog throughout the next few weeks. At present, it is possible to view the various designs and steps that Mozilla has taken to create the new Firefox by peeking at the Mozilla blog.

It might be assumed that the news of the latest updates may mean that Mozilla will be launching the new Firefox very soon. Presumably, Firefox for Android will be ready to roll before the holiday season.