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All great fiction starts with an idea. Once an idea has been born, it’s up to a writer to format, mold, and shape a work of fiction into a work of art. This process used to take many hours to complete. Today, fiction software makes formatting and organizing any story easier.

NewNovelist -- $55+

Putting together any piece of fiction takes planning and time. Note cards, index cards, and other tactics are used by many writers. The problem is that these tactics don’t always work. When you’re at an organization loss, NewNovelist will help. This program puts your thoughts into neatly categorized sections, suggests chapter formats, and helps with the overall writing process. If you’re serious about writing a work of fiction, you’ll want NewNovelist on your side.

Character Pro -- $60+

As developed as you may think your characters are, you may be missing some very important bits of information. Character development is the backbone of any great novel. Yet, developing characters is also the hardest part of writing a novel. Character Pro puts your characters into perspective by forcing you to think about your characters. You’ll find that your characters are highly developed after using Character Pro.

Writers CafГ© -- $50+

Writers CafГ© takes a more relaxed approach to building a work of fiction. This program includes character and plot development, organizational tools, and formatting options. Writers CafГ© also includes a number of different storyline tools that you will find highly useful. Critique your storyline, find out what your story is lacking, and create a piece of fiction that stands out from the rest with Writers CafГ©.

StyleWriter -- $150+

Hiring a top editor is not always an option. When you can’t afford to hire an editor, you should look into StyleWriter. This program edits your writing for things that your Word program may miss. Spelling and grammar aside, StyleWriter will help you perfect your tone and style while teaching you many valuable tricks of the trade. If you’re serious about perfecting your writing, StyleWriter is the tool for you.