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  • Runner? You'll Want the FitBit Surge!
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The news was leaked through various channels last week, but FitBit has officially come out with three new fitness trackers today. The trackers are called the Charge, the Charge HR, and the Surge, and each one has unique benefits.

If you like FitBit or want to check out a fitness tracking bracelet as a potential gift for someone during the holiday season, here’s what you will find when it comes to FitBit’s new fitness tracker lineup.

The FitBit Charge

FitBit is billing the Charge as a revised and updated version of the company’s original tracker called the FitBit Force. This tracker will retail for $129. FitBit claims that this device has been extensively upgraded from the original FitBit tracker, and the Charge includes a better overall design. One of the original complaints about the Force was that it caused some skin irritation, but FitBit claims that the Charge is much more comfortable to wear, so I’m guess it comes without the skin issues.

As you might expect, the Charge will keep track of things like floors climbed, steps taken, and distance walked. If you wear the Charge to bed, it will also keep track of your sleeping habits. You can also pair the Charge with your phone, so that you can see things like incoming calls and the name of the person calling, which shows up on the OLED bracelet.

The FitBit Charge HR

The Charge HR goes just a bit further than the Charge, since this version tracks your heart rate (hence the “HR” name). The Charge HR can keep track of your blood volumes using LED lights, so you don’t have to use a chest strap or other contraption to keep tabs on your heart rate. This tracker is directly aimed at fitness buffs that will pay the $149 price tag for an accurate heart rate reading that doesn’t involve chest straps.

The best way to tailor a workout is by tracking your heart rate, and this is something that people serious about fitness know very well. Just how accurate the HR will be, though, remains to be seen. The only drawback here, thus far, is that the HR’s battery does drain a lot faster due to the heart rate tracking feature. This bracelet will only last for five days as compared to the Charge’s seven day battery life.

The FitBit Surge

The Surge combines both the Charge and the Charge HR with something that most runners can’t live without: GPS tracking. Runners can use the FitBit Surge to keep track of routes while also tracking heart rate and doing things like playing music. This tracker also displays calls and the names of the people calling, and you can also look at text messages while using the Surge too. FitBit claims that the Surge can last all day without needing a charge, and it can last up to seven days on a full battery. The price for the Surge will be $249.

You can pre-order the Charge right now, but the FitBit Surge and Charge HR won’t be available until 2015. So, if you’re thinking of a holiday gift, you may have to purchase the Charge or wait until later in 2015 to pick up the trackers that are sure to be best-sellers once they are released.