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  • Samsung's Gear Fit Reviewed
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Samsung’s fitness band, the Gear Fit, just got updated. Included in this update are various features that Samsung created based on customer demand. If you are into fitness bands, you may want to check out what Samsung has done. Here’s a better look.

New Tracking Features

The Samsung Gear Fit now tracks sleep data, so you can figure out how much sleep you are getting. If you’re sleep deprived, the tracker will let you know that you need to get more sleep. This is a nice feature, but it’s not mind-blowing, since various other fitness bands already track sleep patterns and hours. What else did Samsung do?

The Gear can now be flipped, so that you can view all of your fitness data in portrait mode (no more turning your wrist to see those numbers). This design feature was something of a flaw when the Gear Fit was first released (it was hard to look at), and Samsung has done well to tap into this flaw. Another added feature is directly related to the Samsung Gear Fit Manager App.

Using the related app, you can now change the face of your Fit wristband, and this includes changing the background details. If you’re into the way that your band looks, this app inclusion might be just what you have been looking for.

Better Overall Coaching

Samsung has also included some additional coaching modes that help fit band wearers to keep better track of fitness goals and tasks completed. You can put the heart rate monitor that’s part of the band on ‘auto’ mode, and you can also adjust the coaching mode while you are mid-sprint. These basic features make it a lot simpler to workout with the Gear Fit. When all has been said and done, the Gear Fit upgrades make the band a lot more appealing than it was when the device was first released.

Even though Samsung was quick to upgrade the band, the company still faces some fierce competition in the fit band market. There are more than a handful of fitness bands to select from, and some of those bands do everything this one does and more. In the end, it all comes down to what you want to get out of a band, and the price of a band (or how much you’re willing to pay).

Some Drawbacks

You can pre-order the Gear Fit band from Amazon right now, but you will have to wait until the Manager app that coincides with the band is available. At the time of this writing, that app isn’t up and running yet, though Samsung has told press that the app will be ready to roll on April 11th (which is actually tomorrow).

There’s no doubt that additional app and band glitches will happen once the app and band are both up and working, but that’s to be expected (and Samsung did fix initial glitches quickly).

If you are into tracking your fitness, does the Samsung Gear Fit band appeal to you more than other fitness bands on the market?