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  • Skulpt Measures Your Muscles
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Here’s a common dilemma: you workout, you eat well, and you are really working towards that amazing summer body.

But, there’s a problem. Your scale isn’t noticing all of your effort. Instead of going down, those numbers might be going up or staying the same, and that’s purely frustrating.

What can you do? You can check out a new gadget called Skulpt.

Measuring Your Muscle Health

Skulpt measures the health of your muscles. Skulpt is a small gadget that’s smaller than an iPhone. To use Skulpt, you press the gadget against any major muscle. The device then measures the way that currents flow through those muscles. The device then gathers this data, and sends the data to a dashboard via Bluetooth. From there, you can see what kind of shape your muscles are really in.

You’ll see such things as fat percentage and muscle quality (strength and definition). Why would you bother? Because there’s no other device out there that measures muscle quality on an individual muscle basis. Plus, this is the first device that measures fat percentage per muscle. If you want to find out how much fat you have on your bicep, this is the tool that will get the job done.

Typically, bodybuilders and fitness junkies measure fat percentage based on whole body composition. Skulpt does things different, and some might argue that this method is better and more precise.

Where to Get Skulpt

Skulpt started as an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The startup managed to gain $290,000 in funding from potential customers. IN short, there is a definite demand for this product. If Skulpt sounds like a gadget that you’d like to have (and if you are into fitness, it’s not really a tool that you should pass up), you can pre-order the tool on the Skulpt crowdfunding site. The device will officially start shipping in May.

How much can you expect to pay to measure the health of your muscles? Skulpt will sell for $149, which is actually a really decent price when you think about what this device does. If you want to track your fitness progress, you can use Skulpt to see where your muscle health is now compared to where it might be in a week or a month from now.

If you’re doing things right in the gym, you’ll notice a definite difference. Combined with accurate measurements of specific areas (waist, thighs, arms), Skulpt could very well change the way that people understand fitness.

Get behind this startup – it’s one that’s going to blow the fitness culture up, in this writer’s opinion. While armbands and trackers are great, this measuring tool takes it to a whole new level. It’s hard to see what could be wrong with Skulpt, though issues may surface as the product is shipped (but those will be quickly fixed, I’m sure). If you’re into fitness, what do you think of Skulpt? Would you buy this device? Is the price right? Have you pre-ordered yet? Let me know in the comments!