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  • Here's What Some Fitness Tracking Data Shows
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Digital devices do something that most people don’t think about when purchasing a device for the first time. They gather data. While most of that data is anonymous (or consumers would never buy from various companies), companies do gather data in order to lump numbers together to create further studies and details.

Such is the case with the MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness trackers. Data from these two apps shows which cities in the US are the most active, and some other interesting data that you might be interested in if you plan to get a fitness tracker.

The Most Active States

According to the data collected by the fitness trackers, California, Washington, and Colorado are the most active states in the U.S. The least active states are South Carolina, North Dakota, and Delaware. The data also showed some interesting demographics as well. The people that used the fitness trackers the most were ages 25 to 44 with most of those people being women (65% - men totaled 45%).

The company also broke down the type of fitness that was the most popular in each area. Texas, for example, is the state with the most runners (or the most runners wearing one of the fitness tracking devices mentioned above, that is). What was the most popular type of exercise? Walking came in at number one. It seems that people like to walk more than anything else, and this was true across all states where the data was collected.

The Point of Exercise Tracking

Fitness experts tend to agree that a fitness tracker provides more accurate data than recording fitness goals and schedules manually. Trackers tend to be more detailed when it comes to things like exact steps and mileage, so it’s hard to embellish or underestimate these details. People that use trackers can also compare numbers with other users, join online forum-type discussions, and get into a group habit, which makes exercising a lot more enjoyable.

While the numbers included here are interesting, it’s important to remember that this is just one company with one set of data. There are a number of other fitness tracking bands out there that have not been analyzed, so that data from those trackers is less available. If you are using a tracker that’s not part of the ones listed in this article, that doesn’t mean that you or your state is not doing as well as other states. It just means that the data from your particular tracker hasn’t been detailed and gathered quite yet.

Worth the Buy?'

If you haven’t jumped on the fitness tracker bandwagon yet (but you’re curious), you might be wondering if it’s worth purchasing one of these trackers. Or, which one you should buy.

There are a few articles on this site comparing various tracker, but as far as whether or not you should buy one, well, it depends on how much you want to get into shape. For some people, working out knowing that every move is tracked is motivating. For others, numbers don’t mean much. Either way, looking at the data gathered from these two trackers is interesting.