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  • The Fitocracy Fad
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Fitocracy started off in beta as a humble fitness website. Then, the company branched out into an iOS app. Now, users spend more than five hours per month using the website or app, and Fitocracy has just reached one-million users -- but that's not all. Arnold Schwarzenegger has just endorsed the company and created his own Fitocracy challenge.

In fact, challenges are what Fitocracy is all about. Instead of acting as a weight-loss site that encourages dieting and simple movement, Fitocracy is for the truly fit -- or physically determined. You know, those serious weight lifters and cardio queens...the same people who spend at least one hour every day at the gym lifting or doing cardio blasts.

Why Fitocracy Works

Fitocracy doesn't try to sell users armbands or offer up recipes. This site is a challenge, pure and simple. You can think of Fitocracy kind of like a CrossFit (or other competitive) class in app form. Users sign up to Fitocracy and challenge one another. For example, one challenge might be "who can do the most burpees," or other activity.

When entering a challenge, Fitocracy tracks a user's progress. After each challenge has been met, users are rewarded with Fitocracy points. Eventually, these points unlock certain badges. Really, though, it's all about the bragging rights. Interested? Here's how it works.

Using Fitocracy (Website Mode)

Signing up for Fitocracy is free, and you can simply click the Facebook signup if you have a Facebook account. After that, Fitocracy takes you through the basic setup with a helpful wizard-like screen. Once you've gone through the setup, you will be able to track your own workout or enter an "activity." Activities listed change according to your goal (weight loss, strength training, cardio...).

You can also click the "track" button, and Fitocracy will track your workout as you input data. Or, you can choose a starter workout to get started. You do have to log everything you complete, so I imagine that it's easy to cheat a bit if you really want to. But, then again, cheating during a workout is kind of like cheating yourself, so why do it? Why is this site so popular if it's just about fitness?

The Fitocracy Success

Fitocracy doesn't just let you log your workouts. Fitocracy lets you follow and connect with like-minded workout fiends. Fitocracy is a community that's just as addicting as Facebook. If you are really into fitness, you will have a hard time pulling yourself away from this site. You can even invite friends and create challenges for your friends to attempt. The whole thing is a lot of fun, and it's super motivating.

Why has Arnold backed Fitocracy? Not only is he a fitness buff, but Arnold knows that the way to progress is through rep counting - not moving and dieting. Arnold's own Fitocracy routines will be called "The Challenge From Arnold," and will unlock specific badges.

If you've competed in any kind of weight lifting competition, these challenges might be on the easy side. If you're new to workout out, Fitocracy's workouts (and Arnold's workouts) are a great way to get started.