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  • 5 Gadgets You Don’t Want to Buy
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There are some devices that you just have to have. And there are some devices that you should really avoid. No matter how great the following gadgets look, trust me when I say that you really don’t want to purchase these devices. Many of the following objects are just bad, while others are terrible for a variety of reasons. Here are five gadgets that you really don’t want to buy!

1. Every year, the technology blog Engadget polls readers to find out what the absolute worst devices of the year are. This year, readers voted for the ‘Nexus Q.’ Never heard of it? That’s because the Nexus Q didn’t exactly sell that well. Why? For starters, the Nexus Q retails for a whopping $200.

But, that’s not the worst part. The Nexus Q is a streaming device that aims to make streaming from any Android device simple. But, the device is odd-looking, doesn’t work that well, and is priced much higher than competitors. My advice is right in line with all those who voted in Engadget’s poll: skip this one!

2. Number two on this list isn’t a specific device, but it’s something that most people pay way too much money for. That something is the standard cable. For some reason, people seem compelled to purchase Monster cables for almost everything when regular old cables will work just as well – and save you lost of cash! Trust me when I say that there’s really no difference between a $150 Monster cable and that store brand. Save yourself some money and purchase the less expensive cable!

3. Next up are Windows 8 tablets. Why are these on the list? Simply because paying more than $800 for a Windows 8 tablet isn’t worth the cost. You can purchase an iOS tablet or Android tablet for a lot less, get longer battery life, and enjoy a product that works very well. There’s a reason why Windows 8 tablets aren’t selling quickly, and that reason has to do with quality versus price. Stick with lower cost tablets and you’ll be a lot happier!

4. The iPotty for iPad. Parents: no matter how much you might be tempted to purchase this product, it’s not a good idea! The iPotty is a children’s toilet with an iPad attached. The idea behind the iPotty is to entice children who are in the middle of toilet training to sit on the training toilet for as long as possible. How is this task accomplished? By luring a kid to the toilet with an iPad. The product is simply silly (and expensive).

5. Smartwatches make number five on this list. Sure, Pebble has gotten a lot of exposure and gained tons of Kickstarter funds by creating the Pebble Smartwatch, but do you really need a watch that sends you instant phone, social, and email updates? If you are going to purchase a smartwatch, Pebble’s device is probably your best bet. Other smartwatches are super bulky and draw attention to your wrist (something you may not want to do if you are attending a business event).

Coming Up In 2013

Plenty more devices will be hitting shelves sooner rather than later. Just in case you’re tempted to plunk down a lot of cash on something that looks interesting, make sure to read my articles and reviews on this site first. When a new product launches, I take the time to review those devices and let you know if you are about to waste your money! After all, you spend many hours working for that dough, right? Why waste it on a device that’s not worth your time? Take it from me, the devices on this page are best left on the shelf!