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  • Flexible Phones By Nokia?
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At a recent tech conference, Nokia unveiled a prototype that has a lot of people talking. This prototype was built in the shape of a smartphone, but it’s unlike any smartphone on the current market. This Nokia phone (Nokia is calling it a “kinetic device”) literally twists and bends in most directions. What’s the advantage of such a phone? More importantly, why would you want a phone that can be twisted?

Nokia has answers to both of these questions. Even though the prototype hasn’t been made into a smartphone yet, it’s nice to see new and innovative devices surface. The last innovation seems to have been the original iPhone, and though Nokia’s invention is not on par with the iPhone, it is a step on untraveled grounds. In short, a phone that twists and turns may be what consumers want next.

A Flexible Phone Has Advantages

Back to my earlier question: why would you want a flexible phone? Well, Nokia answered this question by demonstrating something that may not come to mind right away. With a flexible phone, you can answer a call, shut off your phone, or perform a myriad of other functions while the phone is in your backpack or pocket – all you have to do is twist the phone in the right direction.

The other advantage is that in order to resize a screen, you no longer have to touch the screen if you have a flexible phone. All you really have to do, is twist the screen. These things may make Nokia’s flexible phone (whenever it is actually released) a top priority for those seeking the newest and best thing. Did I mention that it’s just plain fun to twist and bend a phone without worrying about breaking it? Surely, the fun factor will be at the heart of Nokia’s future flexible phone commercials.

Finally, A Rugged Phone

I love my iPhone, don’t get me wrong, but the iPhone isn’t rugged. If you drop an iPhone (or almost any other smartphone), the cost to replace a screen is bound to be high. Nokia’s offering seems a great deal tougher. In addition to being able to withstand constant prying, the Nokia flexible phone is also water-resistant – soon to be a huge selling point.
How many times have you dropped water on your smartphone or come close to dropping it in a puddle?

If you are unlucky, you know that dropping a phone in water or even spilling an ounce of water on a smartphone is disastrous. Nokia just may corner the klutz-prone crowd with the company’s new water-resistant phone. Tough, ready for anything, flexible, and water resistant – the only question now is: when will this new phone be available?


Nokia is being coy about announcing a release date for its new phone. A representative from Nokia told a Mashable reporter that the device will come out soon, but when “soon” is nobody really knows. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for news of a phone that bends. Nokia’s newest creation is sure to be a bit hit.