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  • Are Flip Phones Really Back?
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There’s a new phone trend brewing. Celebrities across the land are ditching smartphones and phablets for - wait for it - flip phones. That’s right, flip phones are back in a big way. Why would anyone want to trade in a smartphone for a flip phone? There are a few reasons why the clamshell might start to selling like vinyls soon.

The Security Issue

Some celebrities have gone back to the flip phone as a result of recent iCloud hacks. Whether or not the flip phone is more secure than a smartphone is debatable, but it feels safer in some kind of strange way. The flip phone also has that satisfying ‘snap!’ to it that you just can’t get with a smartphone. Another reason might be that people could be (just maybe) getting sick of things like apps and social networks. Maybe the world doesn’t have to, want to, or need to be connected all the time. Maybe a phone that just functions as a phone has something to say.

With a flip phone it’s just you and whoever you want to call. No emails, no texts, nothing bothersome. Silence. Yes, there is an appeal to silence. Could it be that people are really moving away from the smartphone? If that’s the case, why are manufacturers like Apple making really large smartphones, and not focusing at all on the clamshell model? The truth of the matter is that there are some companies still making flip phones - and they’re also much cheaper than smartphones, so that might be something to consider if you shell out hundreds per month for your phone.

Other Benefits

Flip phones are also really hard to break, they hold a charge for days, they’re really small (you can put one in your pocket without fear of breaking it), and you can’t be bothered by anyone not respecting your privacy while you’re on vacation - you sent what email? There’s also the money factor to consider here. Most of us pay hundreds per month in data fees thanks to smartphones. You could save all of that money by switching to a flip phone.

On the Flip Side

Apps! You won’t get any apps with your flip phone (okay, you get some apps, but can you really live with just a handful?). If you use things like Spotify, you’ll have to say goodbye. But other than email and apps, it’s tough to come up with a really good argument why the flip phone is a bad idea. Sure, it’s retro, but society is moving back to those good old days in a major way - vinyls, film cameras, tape decks are all good examples of things in demand now that most people wouldn’t have touched two years ago.

The flip phone craze might be a fad started by celebrities and hipsters, but there are some good reasons to go this route. If you don’t need to be connected all the time, and you don’t care about apps and such, check out the flip phones that your carrier offers. You can probably get one for a lot less than you’re paying now, and you’ll look totally cool flipping open your phone at a party when everyone else is tapping and swiping (how lame!).