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For too long now, Klout has been trying to mark social media users with a number. Klout scores are supposed to determine your social media worth – or, if you spend a lot of time on social media, your overall worth. Watching your Klout score go up and down can be demoralizing. Unless, of course, you realize that Klout means nothing. Really, there’s no scientific measurement for Klout, but it exists (and influences many) all the same.

In an attempt to show the web how foolish Klout actually is, a few of those who think outside of the box have created Flout. Flout is a lot like Klout, only you get to determine your own social media score. Based on what? Well, based on nothing, really. If enough people sign up for Flout, and spread the word, maybe, just maybe, Klout will begin to disappear. If you have issues with Klout (and you should), Flout is your way to show the world that you don’t care about a Klout score. Here’s how the anti-Klout revolution works.

Defining Your Flout Score

In order to tell the world about Flout, you’ll have to visit the Flout site (flout.me). Once there, Flout will ask to connect to your Twitter account. After that, you can enter whatever number you want in that large white Flout box – go ahead, shoot for the stars. You aren’t bound by any limitations, you don’t need to adhere to Klout rules, and you can select any number that you want.

Once you’ve entered a number, say 5000, you can tell all of your Twitter followers about Flout by tweeting your new number. If your Twitter account is linked to LinkedIn or Facebook, you’ll soon be telling the world that your Flout score is 1000 (or whatever you’ve chosen). Before you know it, people will be asking you about Flout, visiting Flout, and creating their own Flout scores. Word spreads quickly through social networks, and this word is an important one.

Fight Klout Ranking

Why are so many people on the anti-Klout bandwagon? It’s simple, really, Klout tries to determine what your worth is. This worth is based upon nothing concrete, and Twitter users have been known to drive themselves nuts trying to increase a score. If someone hands you +5 Klout points, your score may go up...or it may not. Klout has told the world that it bases scores upon certain algorithms. What those algorithms are, exactly, is anyone’s guess (Klout won’t let the public know).

A few weeks ago, Klout decided to drop everyone’s Klout score. Why? Who knows. Klout said that it had to adjust the scoring process. So, as you might imagine, people went even crazier trying to figure out how to change a Klout score or put that score back to its earlier glory.

Klout is a mind-game that so many people are caught up in. Klout is, there’s no doubt about it, unnecessary. If you think that Klout shouldn’t matter, make sure to sign up for Flout. Flout is, in every manner, the anti-Klout, and it’s quickly picking up steam.