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  • Flying Connected: Renting Out iPads and Other Devices
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Plan on traveling to New York City? If so, you might be interested to know that you can rent a number of electronics devices during your stay. A new startup called Flying Connected aims to keep you connected during your travels. How connected? You can rent any number of devices – including the latest iPad.

Not only is Flying Connected a truly innovative service, it’s also a service that’s bound to rake in tons of cash over the next few months. Flying Connected just launched, but the potential for rentals is immense. In addition to staying connected while you travel, this service will also make it possible for people to test out new devices prior to purchase.

Curiosity Equals Cash

Let’s say that you’ve been thinking about buying an iPad for awhile now. But, you can’t quite wrap your head around the need for such a device. Still, the thought of testing out an iPad is tempting. Prior to the founding of Flying Connected, it was impossible to test out or rent an iPad. Sure, you can check out the device at your nearest Apple store, but that doesn’t give you any real hands on experience.

Along comes Flying Connected. Now, if you live or will be in NYC, you can rent an iPad for around $28 dollars per day. In addition, you can have your rented iPad sent to a hotel or other location for a minimal fee. You’ll have lots of time to spend with the device, and you’ll never lose touch with the app or Internet world – an intelligent and highly practical idea.

Other Rented Items

While Flying Connected is gaining a good amount of press for its iPad rentals, this company rents other devices as well. You can rent smartphones (including iPhones), laptops (including the MacBook Air), broadband devices, and GPS navigation systems. Flying Connected offers a number of different devices in each of these categories. Each device comes with a different rental price, but the prices are very reasonable all around.

In order to rent a device, you’ll have to head to the Flying Connected website. There, you can select a device, choose rental dates, and select a plan (basic to premium plans exist). Once all necessary criteria has been entered into the simple information form, you will be on your way to a new device. You can choose to pick up a device or you can have it delivered to any location in NYC.

Other Locations Outside of NYC

At the time of this writing, Flying Connected only exists within the New York City area. This does not mean that the company doesn’t have additional plans to expand. It is possible that Flying Connected will appear in other cities around the world very soon.

But it does seem like a good idea to test the service in one of the biggest cities in North America. After all, if a device is going to be stolen or broken, NYC is one of the best places to test the limits. If you’re curious about the Flying Connected service, check out the website. There are lots of reasons why renting a device may prove to be very useful!