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  • EA's FIFA 15 is All About the Emotion
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EA Games is currently working on FIFA 15, and this game will be rather unlike the rest (which is a really good thing!). Unfortunately, the game hasn’t been completed in time for the World Cup, but EA is releasing some details that may make you want to buy this game even after the competition has ended. Here’s what’s known about FIFA 15 thus far.

All About the Emotion

The latest EA FIFA instalment focuses more on the emotions behind the players than previous games. The team developing this game is working to make the emotions that players feel during the game realistic. For example, a player might fall to the ground and cry following a missed shot, or you may see some teams celebrating a goal with a synchronized happy dance. All of your favorite players will be represented by the new emotional gaming strategy, though I’m kind of hoping that EA skips whatever thoughts or emotions run through the mind of Luis Suarez!

In addition, the game will show how players react when a teammate does well or does badly, and how quickly teammates can turn on one another (as is the case in a real game). The development team behind FIFA 15 is also focusing on making moves smoother, so that you can execute a complete turn or kick without any pause in the fluidity of the motion. The whole experience is a better one, in short. EA hopes that this game will excite football fans by making each game a lot more realistic, emotions and all.


As stated, it’s really a shame that EA couldn’t get FIFA 15 out in time for the World Cup, but the game will arrive on September 23rd in the USA. That release date is pushed back a few days for Europe, and European gamers will be able to buy FIFA 15 on the 26th of September. As far as console compatibility goes, this game will be available for the Wii, PC, PS3, 3DS, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles. Past FIFA games left some players feeling a general sense of “meh” over the whole game, but this time around EA promises a lot of improvements that will amount to a game that’s a lot more fun to play.

Whether or not you’ll be able to bite an opponent while playing the game is unclear, but you will see a lot more emotions coming from players (and players will finally stop jumping after every shot!). I’m happy that EA is coming out with FIFA 15, and here’s hoping that this game lives up to the current hype that EA is spreading around. You can check out a preview of the game by heading to the EA website, though you’ll still have to wait until September to give the game a shot.

It’s hard to pick the best football game ever created, but EA is hoping to make that list with FIFA 15. Votes for the best football game ever developed?