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  • Free WiFi In 20 Airports In US
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How do you make a big advertising splash? You cause a buzz. That's exactly what the advertising group, MediaShift, is doing. The group has recently announced that it will be bringing free WiFi to 20 U.S. airports. The group has not announced which airports will receive the WiFi upgrade, but the mere fact that free WiFi will be offered in 20 airports is more than enough to set the news wires abuzz.

Typically, MediaShift does things the other way around. The company is known for monetizing WiFi networks and working with various businesses around the globe (mostly hotels and the like). With 23 million users, this isn't a company that needs the extra cash either. But, all the same, MediaShift is happy with the extra publicity.

How the Free WiFi Will Work

MediaShift will be providing free WiFi to the 20 airports mentioned at no fee to the actual airport. Since the company already has the technology in place, the service is mainly a publicity stunt. But, there's another reason why free airport WiFi is in the best interests of the airports that will be support it: advertising dollars. Right now, airports simply generate revenue from the cost of renting out WiFi.

If you add the potential for targeted advertising to that mix, you have a number of travelers that are prime targets for big name advertisers. It is estimated that the current airport traveler already spends just under one hour using WiFi. Add free WiFi to the mix, and those numbers will increase. This, in turn, leaves plenty of space for advertisers to directly target travelers and gather important advertising information too.

Good For All

There are so many great last-minute hotel, restaurant, and other apps that have been designed for traveling. Unfortunately, paying high airport WiFi fees tends to turn smartphone and tablet users away from using these apps when landing in a new city. With the addition of free WiFi throughout the nameless twenty airports, travelers can now take advantage of those amazing app opportunities.

The new free WiFi option is also going to give many airports some added revenue, and that's always a good thing. It's a win-win situation for airports, travelers, and MediaShift. Really, it's something that should have been done long ago - hopefully, the results will be favorable too.

Which Airports Will Offer Free WiFi?

So, which airports will be offering up a chance at free WiFi? You'll have to keep your eye on the MediaShift blog for some additional details, but I'm going to go ahead and guess that the biggest airports in the states will get the free WiFi access first. If all goes well with those airports, others are sure to cash in on the advertising opportunity.

It's also a fair bet to assume that many other airports will soon be adopting free WiFi. It makes sense for all involved, and it's a great way for travelers to experience a new city positively. If you log into airport WiFi and pay the price, will you take advantage of free WiFi?