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  • Free Chrome CDs At Best Buy
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Google wants you to use Chrome – badly. So badly, in fact, that Google is now giving away free Chrome CDs at your local Best Buy store. Google recently announced that the company would be setting up Best Buy displays to showcase Chromebook (not sure what Chromebook is? Check out the details below!), but the company never told press about the intention to give away Chrome CDs as well. Needless to say, the spotting of a few hundred Chrome CDs at Best Buy stores was a nice surprise. Why is Google giving away free copies of Chrome? The answer behind this one is simple: Google wants to become your search engine. But, there’s a better question: why is Google giving away CDs?

You remember the CD, right? It may have been eons since you purchased an actual CD, but Google is banking on the fact that the average person hasn’t switched from CD to a newly updated form of technology quite yet. In fact, most people who shop at Best Buy are more than happy to get a free CD just for stopping by the Google Chromebook booth.

What’s Included On the Google Chrome CD

The signs underneath the Chromebook displays clearly tell folks to grab a free CD, pop it in a computer, and start using Chrome. Google has made it really simple for people to install and use Chrome. Is anything else included on this CD? Not really; but it does come in a really interesting Plexiglas case that’s held together by two magnets. Once you’ve installed Chrome, you can use that case to house other CDs, or use as a coffee coaster or something. The point here is, folks, that you can get something for free at your local Best Buy, so why not go out and grab a copy of Chrome? Who knows, you might even like the browser!

Now, back to that Chromebook mention. Chromebook is Google’s new computer that runs Chrome exclusively. Yes, that’s right, Google has created a computer. Is Chromebook worth your money? Google claims that Chrome book is a super fast computer that works very well. Google also claims that Chromebook won’t slow down over time, and that this system just keeps getting better as time marches on. Google has created a laptop and desktop version of Chromebook, and the search giant has also placed very reasonable price tags on these two systems.

The Google Chromebook laptop is retailing for just $299 (full keyboard), and the Google Chromebook desktop is selling for $329. Google has made sure that the Best Buy reps at your local store know all about these systems, and the company has gone so far as to actually train third party employees, so that you can ask all the questions you want. If you need a new laptop or desktop and don’t want to spend thousands, Google’s new Chromebook line looks very promising, indeed. Both the free Chrome CD and Google’s new Chromebook laptop and desktop are available right now at your local Best Buy store. If you have nothing else to do today, why not stop by and take a look at what Google has to offer? At the very least, you will get a free Chrome CD.