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Ready to sing happy birthday to Apple's App Store? The App Store will officially be 5 years old later this week. To celebrate, Apple is giving away some of the top iOS apps for free. That's right - free iOS apps. Well, that's the word on the tech street anyway.

Officially, Apple hasn't said anything about the free iOS apps that are now available. But, hey, that's your gain, right? If you currently use an Apple device, here are the titles that Apple is giving away for free right now.

Free iOS App Titles

Here are some of the free iOS gaming titles that are now free:

Where's My Water?
Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP
Tiny Wings
Infinity Blade II
Barefoot World Atlas
Day One
Traktor DJ

What's the big deal about these free apps? Most of the apps in the above list usually sell for around $19 each. Now, those apps are free. Yep, that's a big deal. But, Apple didn't stop at free gaming titles.

Here are some of the other iOS apps that are now free through the App Store:

Knots 3D
How to Cook Everything
Big Bad Sodoku Book

Since new free apps seem to be rolling out daily, I'm betting that this list will grow by leaps and bounds before the week is through. The free iOS list is somewhat mysterious, though, since Apple hasn't said a word about it.

Why is Apple giving away apps for free? The Verge is the first tech blog to relate the free apps to Apple's upcoming birthday, but, if that's the case, why hasn't Apple made an official announcement? Further, how long will these apps be free?

What Is Apple Doing?

Everyone wants to know why these apps are free, but Apple has not made any official comments yet. What I can tell you is that the whole 5th anniversary celebration concept does make a lot of sense. Apple opened the App Store on July 10th 2008. In two days, the App Store will be five years old, and five is kind of a milestone, right?

It's crazy to think about all of the devices that Apple has put out since the opening of the App Store. In fact, it seems as though the app store must be much older than five years when compared to the number of devices that the company has created in that time period. But, alas, it is just five years after all, and it seems as though Apple is acting in a big way.

My Advice: Hurry

Whether it's a system glitch or Apple is purposely giving away free apps remains to be seen. But, these apps probably won't be free for very long. If you love to play games, check out that game list. If you like to cook, the 'How to Cook Everything' app is for you. Heck, all of these apps are for you if you don't like to pay for apps!

If you see any free iOS apps that aren't on this list, let me know below (and let your fellow iOS users know too!).