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  • Here’s How to Get Free Xbox Live
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Some people are reluctant to use “the cloud.” Those people don’t quite trust the white fluffy stuff. Maybe, just maybe, those people are right to be wary of cloud storage.

The problem with relying on cloud storage is that one the cloud is down, you won’t be able to access anything that you were counting on. This is a lesson that Xbox Live users learned last week when Xbox Live ground to a halt.

Microsoft had some issues with Live cloud storage, and this left many happy holiday gamers empty handed.

Microsoft is making it up to Live users, though. The company will be granting one free month of Xbox Live coverage to all affected users. How will the company determine who was affected, what can you get, and how do you prove that you deserve that free month of usage? Here are all the details.

Were You Affected?

Microsoft is looking at this problem pro-actively. If you currently use Xbox Live, head to the Microsoft website and plead your case. Alternately, Microsoft will likely find you if you subscribe to Xbox Live and use the Cloud Save feature regularly. Because the service was down for two whole days, Microsoft wants to offer one month of free service for the inconvenience. Really, though, this free offer is more about ensuring the general public that the Cloud Save feature is actually worth using.

Microsoft’s Cloud Save feature for Xbox Live makes it possible to store game data on the cloud instead of on a HDD. Since some users are already wary about using cloud storage, not ensuring users that Cloud Save is, in fact, safe to use by ignoring the recent cloud problem would be a mistake. Thankfully, Microsoft is doing the right thing, and Xbox Live users won’t lose any saved data while also getting a free month of usage. So, all is well that ends well, it seems.

Some Cloud Save Specs

If you weren’t aware of Xbox Live’s Cloud Save feature (and are now wondering what it’s about), there are some reasons why you may want to check out this Xbox offering. Some of the latest Xbox consoles have low storage. If you happen to have a console that can’t store a lot of data, Cloud Save is the feature for you. This feature allows users to store data on the cloud for various fixed monthly fees. You can purchase an Xbox Live card at certain retailers like Best Buy for a low monthly price (around $40) that includes Cloud Save options. Or, you can sign up for a pricier plan.

Even though Microsoft’s Cloud Save recently went down (and this may happen again), the company is standing behind its cloud. Not sure you want to take the risk? Just keep in mind that user data wasn’t really impacted all that much (other than a couple of days without the possibility of using stored game data). It also pays to keep in mind that Microsoft is doing everything the company can to appease users and to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again. In short, Cloud Save is a great Xbox Live gaming feature that is worth a second look, even though the service did suffer a minor glitch.