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  • FreedomPop: Get Free Internet
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How great would it be to use the Internet at home without any kind of wired connection? Not just a wireless connection when using devices in your home, but a completely wireless connection even at the source.

Forget routers and other hardware, FreedomPop is here. FreedomPop offers free wireless Internet to all. Wait, free wireless Internet? How the heck does that work? I’ve spent some time investigating FreedomPop’s claims. Here’s what I discovered.

Take Your Internet With You

FreedomPop’s wireless Internet lets you take your Internet with you no matter where you go. So, if you want to connect to your Internet at a cafГ©, you can do this with FreedomPop. If you want to connect your tablet at home, FreedomPop will work. This just so happens to be a fast connection too. FreedomPop offers 4G Internet speeds – that’s blazing fast. FreedomPop is also contract-free, so you can cancel your service at any time. But, what’s the catch? There has to be a catch.

The catch here seems to be that you have to purchase FreedomPop’s hardware. This setup will set you back $89. So, it’s not really wireless after all. FreedomPop’s hardware consists of a modem and router that you’ll have to set up. But, after that’s all said and done, you won’t be locked into a yearly contract.

You will have 1GB of free data every month after signing up. If you want to up that amount, you can pay $10 per month for 10GB or 8Mbps for $19 per month. Most people will be happy with the $10 per month cost. Remember, you can cancel at any time, which is the big selling point here. FreedomPop also offers mobile services too.

FreedomPop Mobile Deals

Just like FreedomPop’s Internet setup, the mobile offering requires that you use your credit card to put a deposit on a portable hotspot ($89) or USB stick ($49). When you return these devices, you will get your money back. Subscribers will receive 500MB of mobile data. If you choose the USB stick, you can plug the stick into your laptop or tablet wherever you are, which is a good way to go.

If you go over that 500MB per month cap, you will be charged an extra two cents per MB. Or, you could just purchase the $10 per month deal and receive 100MB of data per month. Either way, this is a heck of a lot cheaper than going the traditional route. There’s just one thing. FreedomPop isn’t available internationally right now, and it’s only available in some states. To find out if you can get FreedomPop, make sure to visit the company’s main website and enter your address information.

FreedomPop is operating under the notion that everyone should have access to free Internet. It’s hard to disagree with that statement. Just keep in mind that you will have to purchase or put a down payment on some devices in order to use FreedomPop. But, still, FreedomPop proves to be a lot cheaper than most other alternatives.