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Not only will your accountant rejoice, but keeping track of your invoices is also smart. You can do this by starting a spreadsheet that includes all invoicing information, or you can check out Freshbooks. Freshbooks is an invoicing system that many contractors and businesses across the globe now use regularly.

Freshbooks allows you to keep track of clients, and you can use parts of this program for free. You’ll also gain valuable business information and insight into who your best clients are. Really, there are very few reasons not to start using Freshbooks right away.

Simple Set Up

Freshbooks gets that you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up anything. Whether it’s a bank account or invoicing software, time spent on tedious tasks is time wasted elsewhere. Refreshingly, Freshbooks has made creating your own invoicing system simple.

To get started with Freshbooks, all you have to do is enter some basic information. This is followed by entering client information. The trickiest part of the Freshbooks set up is deciding whether you want to use the free or paid versions of this program. If you go the free route, you can add up to three different clients to your Freshbooks profile. Paid routes include various levels of monthly payments.

Invoicing Made Easy

When it’s time to collect money, simply select a client from your client database. Then, enter project details including payment amount, and the type of project that you completed. The detail lines that Freshbooks provides are generous, and you’ll have more than enough room. When you’ve completed this task, Freshbooks will tally up the total for you.

If you need to convert funds from one currency to another, Freshbooks can take care of this too. As soon as you have finished adding up the total and adding details, all that’s left is deciding how to send your invoice. This is where Freshbooks marketing team really shines.

Sending An Invoice

Freshbooks doesn’t just want you to send an invoice. Instead, this program wants to provide you with invoicing options galore. You can click the send by email option, and away your invoice will go to the address you’ve provided. Alternately, you can select the paper option. Let’s get personal for a moment, shall we?

I signed up for a Freshbooks account awhile ago. Following this sign up, I received a mock invoice in the mail from Freshbooks. The mock invoice showed me what a mailed invoice looks like – nice and professional. Of course, you have to pay to send an invoice via snail mail, but this may be worth the cost for some people. If you’re one of those people, take a look at the many Freshbooks payment plans.

Overall Worth

Freshbooks is a great invoicing tool. This tool becomes even greater if you can afford to pay for a Freshbooks subscription (this can be costly). Even the free version of Freshbooks beats most other invoicing programs available. In short, Freshbooks has a lot to offer you, including a fresh take on what it means to make invoicing simple.