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  • Freshbooks vs. Quickbooks
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QuickBooks is the grandfather of accounting software that has been in use for years by computer users around the world. With QuickBooks you can easily do things like create estimates, invoices and do a wide variety of other accounting tasks right from the comfort of your computer without having to hire an outside accountant.

Even though QuickBooks does have its many upsides it also does have its downsides like lacking PayPal integration and with every new version of QuickBooks users are billed for new features and integrations which can make owning QuickBooks a chore .

Time For FreshBooks

Freshbooks is a simple and easy to use online invoicing program that’s light on all of the bells and whistles or seemingly endless tools that are standard with QuickBooks. With FreshBooks, the focus is on keeping everything simple and the programs core functions are based on the basics like creating estimates or proposals, issuing payments and sending invoices.

If you’re considering using Freshbooks you can expect to save at least five hours per month of productivity, get paid at least eight days faster and bill at least 8% more hours per month.

What’s best of all about Freshbooks is that you will be able to present your business on the same level as Fortune 500 companies and be taken seriously. Self-employed business people love Freshbooks because it offers them the ability to easily create invoices without having to spend hours doing themselves plus they also offer tons of add ons like time tracking tools, tools for electronic signatures and so much more. Freshbooks also is compatible with add ons like Basecamp, Zendesk, WuFoo and Google Apps which means that you will be able to use the apps and programs that you’re familiar with without having to face a steep learning curve spending hours learning how to use it.

Freshbooks offers a free service but for those people who want to unlock all of the enhanced features that this service offers they will have to upgrade to the paid version with costs $19.95 per month. Best of all, Freshbooks doesn’t charge for every upgrade and they also guarantee that every free or paid member will get the same updates. This is great to know and will save any business owner money every year.

Quickbooks or Freshbooks?

The PC version of Quickbooks is a great program if you’re looking for an accounting program that is a total solution, the only downside is that it’s expensive, that’s why QuickBooks launched an online version that only charges users a monthly fee that starts at $12.95 per month.

Both QuickBooks and Freshbooks offer good service and support, but some accountants don’t like the online version of QuickBooks though because it doesn’t include some of the features that like job costing that the PC version has but it simplifies the process of daily accounting and getting the job done.

For now, Freshbooks has the upper hand in the online accounting world because it helps contractors and business people to bill and accept payments online.