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  • This Rugged Tablet Is No Slouch
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Tablets are great. But most of them aren’t tough. If you drop an iPad, I’m betting it breaks fairly easily. This is a problem if you travel a lot, let your kids play with your tablet, or just aren’t the most coordinated of folks. Fujitsu has the answer to your tablet worries. That answer is called the Fujitsu Stylistic M532. At first, this tablet wasn’t meant to stock North American shelves. Now, Fujitsu has decided to bring the Stylistic table to a store near you.

What makes this tablet so special is that it’s military grade. As with most things that include the word “military” in a title, the Stylistic tablet is rugged. Really, really, rugged. So rugged that you could be operating a tank in the middle of the dessert, drop the tablet in the sand, stomp on it, and then continue to use it. Okay, maybe it’s not that rugged, but it has been tested according to military standards. There are some other things to look forward to with this tablet as well.

Inside the Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet

Aside from a tough outer shell, Fujitsu has added some interesting features to the Stylistic. This tablet has a Tegra 3 quad-processor; a 10.1-inch screen; 32GB of storage; and 1GB of RAM. You will also get an 8-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel front facing camera. All of this is wrapped in a tough plastic shell that really doesn’t look tough at all. While some military grade devices are thick and heavy, this isn’t the case with the Stylistic. This tablet weighs 1.23 pounds, which isn’t heavy at all. In fact, the Stylistic weighs less than the original iPad, so that’s something to think about if you are shopping based on weight alone.

On the style side, Fujitsu’s tough tablet isn’t going to win any prizes. But, it will get the job done, whatever that job may be. The Stylistic comes in a nice red and black color if you manage to buy one in Japan, but the North American version is a basic black color. I’m guessing that Fujitsu’s marketing team thinks North Americans aren’t ready to handle a two-toned tablet just yet.

Fujitsu Stylistic Price

For a really rugged tablet that runs on Android 4.0, has been military tested, and comes with some decent insides, the $549 price tag that Fujitsu has stuck on the Stylistic isn’t bad at all. But, I will point out that this is a sale price. Following the back to school rush, Fujitsu may just decided to raise the price of this tablet. Then again, the holiday season is right around the corner, so you may be able to score this tablet for a lesser price if you wait it out. Either way, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a tablet on the market that’s tougher than this one.

To order your Stylistic, visit Fujitsu’s website. The company is featuring this tablet on the site currently, since it’s relatively new in this part of the world. If you are looking for something that’s really rugged and can withstand anything the military can throw at it, the Fujitsu Stylistic is probably your best bet.