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The world of graphic design is an inviting and imaginative one. This world becomes even more entertaining when you have the right tools. Thanks to a large number of innovative developers, graphic design font creation software can be found in abundance. Font software gives you the freedom to experiment with different fonts while also providing a way to further your design talents.

Font management software and font editing software also exists. All of these tools combine to provide professional graphic designers with an array of font programs that cover all font bases. Top-notch font software ranges in price from $50 to more than $400.

Whackadoo – Freeware
Besides the fact that the name of this free font software is fun to say, Whackadoo is also one of the most trusted font programs out there. This program creates TTF characters that will easily spice up any document you’re currently working on. This freeware font program can be easily downloaded, installed, and ready to go in a flash.

Scanahand -- $50+
If you’ve always dreamed of creating custom fonts, Scanahand just might be the best thing that you’ll ever see. This font software allows users of all levels to create custom fonts quickly and simply. Once created, you can use these fonts with Notepad, Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and various other Windows applications. In addition, fonts created with Scanahand can be loaded onto a Mac – an unusual, but wonderful, addition.

MainType -- $40+
MainType isn’t a font creation program. MainType is a font management program. This highly useful software will help you organize and manage all the fonts that you currently work with. A drag and drop interface makes finding, organizing, printing, and installing fonts simple. With MainType, you won’t have to spend a long time looking for fonts. Organize and place all of your fonts into helpful categories with MainType – the one font program that every designer must have.

Fontlab -- $300+
If you’re serious about creating fonts, you need to purchase Fontlab. Fontlab is the gold standard for companies like Adobe, IBM, and Microsoft. You can use this program too without any hassles or complications. Fontlab comes with a number of handy font tools that allow you to edit, create, and do nearly anything you want to with any font you come up with. Even though the price of Fontlab is higher than most other font programs, this software is unique and effective.

CrossFont -- $40+
Macs are great tools. The only problem is that many Mac fonts don’t convert well. CrossFont can fix this problem without hassle. CrossFont is a Mac to PC font conversion tool that does the job very well. You can convert TrueType fonts, PostScript Type fonts, entire font families, individual fonts – nearly any font that you can think of with CrossFont.