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  • FX Studio

Every Mac user has their favorite photo editing programs but many times those programs are not always the easiest to use. Thankfully with FX Studio Pro common problems that have plagued photo editors in the past have been eliminated which makes editing your favorite photos simple and easy to do.

What Is FX Studio Pro Like?

To begin, FX Studio pro is simpler and easier to use than other photo programs, it has the same feel as iPhoto but with a few more essentials that make this drag and drop photo editor seem almost too easy. В With this app you can do all of the familiar things that you can do with other photo editors like edit, crop, adjust or rotate your photos then once your photos are edited you can easily export them to iPhoto or add them to your Mac’s existing image library.

FX Studio pro has four advanced editing tools plus 159 photo editing effects that are divided into twenty categories. Unlike other photo editors this program is simple to understand, use and will enable any computer user to create awesome pictures without having to spend hours figuring out how the program works. Some of the coolest effects that will add a little something extra to any picture are the old sketch, ancient canvas and the old photo features. В 

Advanced Editing Features

Yes FX Studio pro is simple and easy for anyone to use but it’s not just an extension of iPhoto, it also has advanced editing features that any professional photographer or novice who wants to add something extra to their photos is looking for like the ability to adjust color balance, sharpen, add highlights, add shadows, change image formats and more.

With FX Studio Pro you can easily drag and drop any image into the program, edit the image, enjoy scroll effects plus see before and after versions of their photo before choosing on the final version. Many of the basic and advanced editing features are more simplified than iPhoto and will save the user time and money. One you’ve finished editing your photos you can save them to the file format of your choice including Gif, .JPG and .Tiff.

Give Your Photos A Professional Feel

One of the best parts about this program is that it gives any aspiring or professional photographer the ability to add a glossy and professional feel to their pictures without having to spend hundreds of dollars on editing software or having their photos professionally edited by photographers in their area.

To use this program you must have a Max OS X 10.7 and your machine must have Lion Compatibility. One of the best parts about FX studio pro is that you also have the ability to share your photo masterpieces with other services like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and MySpace just like you can with iPhoto.

This app costs between $19.99 and $39.99 depending on the website that you purchase it from. В FX Studio Pro doesn’t have a lot of features for this price but with future versions it’s expected to only get better.