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  • The Gaems Portable Gaming Case
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Most gamers would rather be at home playing games than traveling. But, when life throws you that travel bone, sometimes you just have to get up and go (with or without your favorite console). Of course, when this happens, there’s very little that can be done. Your options are to never leave your home (appealing but somewhat unrealistic) or to purchase the new Gaems Portable Gaming Case.

Gaems has just come out with this case, but it’s already catching the eye of many gamers around the globe. What’s so special about this case? Well, for starters, it’s far more than a case, though it can transport your Xbox (old or new version) or your PS3 Slim in style and securely. Aside from being a handy and sturdy travel case for your favorite console, the Gaems Portable Case also doubles as a console of its own – let me explain further.

It’s about what’s Inside the Box

Inside of the Gaems Case are a few secure straps that you can use to strap in your console, and a LED LCD screen. That’s right, the Gaems Case comes with its own LCD screen, so you don’t have to worry about hooking up your console to a non-existent television while you are away. No more waiting to arrive at grandma’s or hoping that your hotel TV isn’t terrible. The Gaems Case comes with your own TV, so you can play your favorite games anywhere.

What’s more, this case also comes with dual audio jacks, so you can play all of those top games with whoever you’re traveling alongside. Not only is this case a gamer’s dream, but it will also serve traveling children and teens around the world well. How many times were you stuck without video games while traveling as a kid? The Gaems Case certainly seems to be the answer to this typical problem!

A Useful Tool

You’ll be happy to know that the Gaems Case can travel rather well too. Even though it is large and sturdy enough to support a console, this case is also quite easy to transport. Take your favorite console with you when you fly or place it in the backseat of your car. No matter how you slice it, Gaems has come up with a portable gaming console case that’s bound to be a popular hit with serious and casual gamers alike.

In fact, it’s kind of surprising that there aren’t more console cases like this one on the market today. Then again, the Gaems case was just released, so there’s a good possibility that cases just like it will appear on the market very soon. If this case sounds like the answer to all of your gaming woes, you’ll want to get in line to purchase this case when it hits store shelves. Right now, you can find the Games case online at Amazon. The Gaems Case that includes a 250GB Xbox 360 is currently selling for $499. If you have your own console that you want to add to a new Gaems Case, you can purchase just the case for around $270.