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  • This Nintendo Replica is Worth
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Analogue Interactive has just created a replica of the original Nintendo class console. While there are other replica boxes on the market, the one created by Analogue Interactive is unique. Not only does it not come with any of the original flaws, it also includes some original parts – and its boundaries are limitless, quite literally.

What’s Real?

The Analogue Interactive NES replica comes with Ricoh 20A3 and Ricoh 2C02 processors. What’s original about that fact is that these processors are the same as the originals. That means that you can play any old NES cart that you have lying around. Most replica boxes just have cheap emulators, and this is a really huge leap above the rest. Not only will you get the original processors inside of the Analogue Interactive box, but the box itself isn’t made from cheap plastic.

Instead, Analogues Interactive has built these boxes out of aluminum – but not any kind of aluminum. Each console has been made from one solid piece of aluminum just like the original. How’s that for authentic? Sure, you can buy a cheaper (we’ll get to price in a minute) replica, but this one has been made with real craftsmanship – that’s hard to beat. Want to hear something else that’s amazing about this replica box? It is boundary-less.

Region-Free Capabilities

Analogues Interactive made the new retro console region-less, so you can play games from any part of the world on this box. Plus, multi-player games are also a possibility with this box. The console includes four different built-in controller ports to make playing multi-player games possible. You’ll also find S-video cables, and RGB outputs are available, and that means an incredibly crisp display.

In addition to the console (which comes in five colors), the company is also selling controllers and other parts for the console. This replica will start selling during the summer of 2014 for around $499. Yes, that’s a high price to pay for a replica, but it’s not such a high price when you consider the craftsmanship that went into this console. Sure, it’s playing on nostalgia, but what company today isn’t going that route? There’s a definite market for things like vinyl records and retro gaming consoles, and this console might just be the next thing on your list if you are a true Nintendo fan.

Where to Buy

The company hasn’t said whether or not other retailers will be selling this console, but you can order one directly from the Analogue Interactive site. The company is based in the UK, so that price is in pounds (you’ll have to make the conversion), but it might be worth getting the console shipped to North America if you really love Nintendo and you can’t imagine living without this gem.

If you miss the old Nintendo and want to revert back to the way things used to be, Analogue Interactive new replica console is the way to go. Plus, this console comes in various colors; so what more could you want?