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Game of Thrones Video Game: The Details

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you hang onto every word that Khaleesi says, and you may or may not be rooting for the Death Walkers at certain times. You may even be curious about the new Game of Thrones video game that was recently created by Telltale. The game itself is interesting and true to the show with just a few setbacks.


The Game of Thrones video game is set up like a TV show with six episodes that last almost two hours per episode. The object of this game is to make decisions that impact the rest of the story during each episode. You can decide who lives or dies, and watch as the story unravels based on every decision that you make (kind of like those Choose Your Own Adventure books of old).

The first episode is called Iron From Ice, and it really spends most of the time focused on character introductions and development, so you may not be able to lop anyone’s head off during the first game. Telltale has told press that the next episode, The Wolf Among Us, will be a filled with a lot more action, which is a good thing because it’s somewhat hard to get into Iron From Ice unless you’ve actually watched the show.

Slow at First, But True to the Show

While the first episode is really kind of slow, it does serve the purpose of setting you up for the plot of the show, and for understanding the main characters in the show (and now the game). It might take a while to get into the first instalment of this game, but the graphics and storyline are decent, and the whole thing really does make sense if you play long enough.

Telltale’s purpose in setting the game up this way was to really immerse players into the show’s story, create hard decisions and moral dilemmas, and somehow get players to care about the game - all of which are easily accomplished if the game is played long enough. Telltale does promise that the next episode will include more action.

If you think about it, though, the show itself includes some episodes that are faster and full of action, and some that are much more entrenched in storyline and character details (some episodes are even set in one location). So, if you’re used to what the show is like, you’ll get into the game fast enough.


The Game of Thrones game is currently available on Mac, PC, and PS4 right now, and Xbox One and Xbox 360 tomorrow. Telltale will also be releasing the game on iOS and PS3 later this month (December). There’s no word yet on an Android release date. Hopefully, the Android release will happen this month as well, but it seems like that date might be pushed back a few weeks or months.

If you are a huge Game of Thrones fan (or you have someone on your holiday list that is), it’s worth checking out this game. Even though the first episode is somewhat slow, Telltale will certainly speed things up (this is the same company that makes the Walking Dead game, after all!).