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  • Razer's New 14-inch Blade Is Tops
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The biggest complaint users of the previous Razer Blade had was that the screen just wasn’t bright enough. The Blade that was released two years ago offered gamers a low-resolution screen not suited for excellent gameplay. That’s all changed.

By listening to gamer complaints, Razer has fixed the problem. The company has just announced a new Blade that comes with the same 14-inch screen, but offers a 3200 x 1800 IGZO IPS display, which is a far cry from the previous 1600 X 900 display.

Razer is setting out to make the ultimate gaming machine. Did the company succeed?

Inside the New Razer Blade

This version of the Blade is 0.7 inches thicker than the last version. Why? Because it comes with a 10-point touchscreen. Razer wanted to accommodate Windows 8 by adding that touchscreen. This Blade is also a lot cooler than the last version thanks to a new vent system (if you recall, the last Blade got very warm at times). The other part of the new Blade that has to be mentioned is the new Nvidia chip.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX graphics chip is what you’ll find inside of the new Blade – one that comes with 3GB of dedicated memory. To say that games will run faster and better with the new chip is an understatement. Razer wants gamers to only consider the latest blade when choosing a gaming laptop. With specs like these, it’s somewhat hard to see why anyone wouldn’t want a Blade strictly for playing games.

Pricing and Battery Life

Even though the Blade comes packed with anything you’d want in a gaming laptop, Razer promises you’ll still get up to three hours of hardcore gaming from the new Razer. But, this version of the Blade won’t be cheap. The new 14-inch Razer Blade will retail for $2199 (128GB of storage). If you want to add more storage to that setup, you can purchase the additional space for an extra $200. When all is said and done, you’ll wind up in the $2300 range for the Blade.

Razer has updated the 17-inch Blade too, but that version didn’t get nearly as many upgrades. The 17-inch version comes with a GeForce GTX 860M GPU and sticks with the old resolution. Even though the 14-inch is on the very high side when it comes to price, it’s the one that I’d suggest over the 17-inch version. Razer has been showcasing the new 14-inch Blade at various events, and the reactions have been extremely favorable.

You can get your hands on the 17-inch Blade ‘Pro’ today, and the company is taking pre-orders for the 14-inch version (expected to ship in two weeks) -- head to Razer’s site to put your name on that pre-order list. There are other gaming laptops out there, but Razer has largely cornered this market for some time. With the new Razer Blade 14-inch, that market has been all but sealed up. Are you as impressed by this new Blade as I am? Will you purchase the new 14-inch?