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  • Sony Opens Up to Indie Game Developers
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Sony has recently announced that more than 1,000 independent studios can now self-publish games for PlayStation 3, 4, and PS Vita. So far, more than 20 self-published games have already been released, and those games are doing really well so far. Sony wants to prove to gamers that PlayStation is indie-friendly, and that means opening things up as far as possible.

But, Sony isn’t the only gaming company seeking to appeal to the indie masses. Microsoft has been marketing the Xbox One as a great place for independent studios to gather too. Why go indie?

Indie Games Have Charm

Some might argue that indie games are more creative, more inventive. Others may argue that the fact that a major gaming company doesn’t produce indie games gives these games an edge. Either way, the fact remains that a lot of indie games have garnered a ton of attention over the years. Titles like Minecraft are huge, and that means that there’s a demand for well-made indie games. There’s a financial reason for the shift towards indie developers too.

Developing games is expensive. With gaming companies like Sony spending too much money creating games that just aren’t selling, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to sink extra cash into more mediocre games. Instead, these companies are letting indie publishers create games, and it proves to be a win-win situation for both sides. Independent developers can make a good name for themselves with a winning game, and companies like Sony get to cut back on costs. What could be a better idea? There will be games out there that aren’t good at all, but that’s the gamble indie developers take, and some exposure is still better than no exposure.

The Price of the Console

There’s some possibility that gaming companies like Sony might start lowering console prices if indie games pick up. Gamers that support indie-games aren’t keen on the new generation consoles that are high-priced, and, frankly, the price of the new consoles isn’t justified. While console prices aren’t going to drop any time soon, it is possible that console developers may see the sense in lowering console prices – that’s the hope, anyway.

At the time being, gamers that use any of the Sony consoles listed above can check out a slew of new indie-games. As with any game, though, some of those newer games aren’t going to be good at all, but that’s the gamble you’ll take.

Indie-games that have generated a small following thus far include Outlast and Don’t Starve, so you may want to check those out if you’re looking for a new game. Titles that seem to pique the most gamer interest are those that are from the horror-adventure genre. If you are an indie-game developer, take notes. To find out more details about the new Sony indie-game invitation, check out Sony’s main site.

Have you discovered any really great indie games lately? Let us know what titles you are finding, and which ones aren’t so good at all.