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  • Garmin Creates New Maps
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Garmin has made a smart move. The GPS company has updated its StreetPilot OnBoard and Navigon apps. These updated apps include public transportation options in addition to driving and walking directions. Garmin has updated its iOS apps just in time for the Apple Map disaster. Now that Apple is no longer offering public transport options via Apple Maps, Garmin has jumped at the chance to snag some new customers.

Garmin’s new apps will also appear as an Apple Maps option when searching for a public transit route. Garmin has made a very wise decision. iOS 6 users do not want to download separate city transit apps at every turn. Now, iOS 6 users can simply use one of the two Garmin apps. Only, Garmin’s new apps don’t work everywhere.

Limited Usage

If you live in Canada or in various other countries outside of the U.S., you might not be able to download Garmin’s new apps. Garmin’s OnBoard and Navigon apps only work within the U.S. But, if you happen to live in the United States, need to find out when that next bus is, and need that information fast, one of the two Garmin apps will work best. Otherwise, your only other iOS 6 option is to download a city app – provided that the city you are in has a transport app. Garmin has added some additional features to the aforementioned apps too.

Last Mile: A Helpful Feature

Garmin’s Last Mile feature (available with both newly updated apps) provides drivers with the exact location of a parked car. So, say you want to drive to a new neighborhood, park your car, and then go for a walk. When you are ready to head home, Garmin’s apps will let you know where your car is. Tapping the walking option, these apps will also tell you how to get to your parked car. The Last Mile feature is one that’s not available with other map apps, and it’s certainly not available with the new Apple Maps. Garmin also brings back an old feature called Street View.

Garmin Finds Treasure in Google’s Trash

Garmin now offers app users Street View. Once a Google Maps feature, Street View make it possible to view street level details, like stores and other spots of interest. While Apple has gone the 3D view route, Garmin is brining back an old Google classic - a classic that was highly regarded. Both of the Garmin apps mentioned here are free to download. There’s just one caveat: if you want to use the public transport option, you will have to pay an additional $2.99 (both apps). There’s no doubt about it, Garmin is looking to cash in on Apple’s losses.

Garmin’s newly updated apps will be available in the Apple Store at some point today. If you’re fed up of Apple Maps already, it might be worth giving Garmin’s new apps a shot. At the very least, you will have that public transport option back, even if it does mean paying an additional fee.