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  • Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT
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The Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT comes with such a high price tag that this GPS device begged for a review. What could possibly justify spending $369.99 on a GPS system when most systems on the market are priced much lower than that? Or has Garmin simply lost it and priced this GPS device way over market value? At first glance, the Garmin Nuvi 3490 LMT seemed to be like every other GPS on the market. Then, this reviewer took a closer look at the specs and what the 3490 LMT can really do.

Nuvi 3490 Features

The number one feature included in this GPS system that’s hard not to notice is the Bluetooth wireless technology. This version of Garmin’s Nuvi works with hands-free devices, so that you can make and receive calls while driving without interruption. Tapping on the screen will activate the hands-free option, which works rather seamlessly. A few drawbacks to Garmin’s Bluetooth technology include the inability for the GPS to store or save contacts and the lack of call recording history pertaining to calls made outside of a vehicle.

The Nuvi 3490 includes an Audiobook Player, which is a nice feature that some could get a lot of use out of. Audiobooks can be stored on the GPS’ micro SD card, so you can listen to books while you drive. One of the best features included with this GPS device is the voice command feature. With this feature, you can dial any number included in your phone’s contact list and you can also command the GPS system to perform certain tasks. For example, a quick command will turn the system on or off, find locations, change a map, and locate point of interest along a route.

Interface and User-Friendliness

Some GPS devices are worth tossing out the window. Others are well built and made with the consideration of a driver in mind. The Nuvi 3490 is the latter sort. Setting up this GPS device only takes a few minutes, and adding voice command prompts is simple, which is truly refreshing for a change (this is especially true if you’ve ever wrestled with a voice command remote control!). Garmin did take user-friendliness and ease into mind when designing the Nuvi 3490, clearly. If you’ve never used a GPS device before and you’re looking to purchase one, the addition of voice commands alone might make the 3490 worth purchasing.

However, there are some GPS devices on the market that are also around $400 and come with some features that the Nuvi doesn’t have. If the fact that this GPS can’t store phone contacts or record the history of calls that take place outside of a vehicle bothers you, there are some GPS systems that will do both of these things. Still, the $369.99 price tag is worth justifying for a system that functions well and is easy to set up – it’s also fair to say that any hands-free voice activated GPS is a far better purchase than one you’ll have to attempt to use while driving!