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  • Rising Gas Prices: Pay Less With These Apps
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What happened to gas prices? A few years ago, these prices were bearable. Then, gas prices skyrocketed never to return to ground again. In short, consumers are stuck with high gas prices, and very few ways to compare the price at each pump. More often than not, consumers are left getting gas at whatever pump is closest, though this isn’t always the best deal available.

Summertime also happens to be the most expensive time when it comes to gas. Road trips and outings cost millions of consumers plenty of money each summer. While you can’t do anything about rising gas prices, you can use your smartphone to find the lowest pump price near you. Here’s how.

GasBuddy -- Free

GasBuddy isn’t new. In fact, the GasBuddy.com site was one of the first gas price sites built. The developers who brought you the GasBuddy site have now created a GasBuddy app. For a free app, we have to give GasBuddy props. You can find out the prices of gas near you simply and easily.

GasBuddy isn’t the best gas app out there, but it’s one that deserves mention for the non-existent cost of using this app. One thing to remember: GasBuddy relies on users to enter local gas prices (you can be entered into a drawing to win free gas if you do add a few prices here and there). So, you may not find the prices at every local station near you regularly. Still, for a free app GasBuddy is great.

Cheap Gas – Free

This app is slightly better than GasBuddy in our opinion. Why? Cheap Gas will detect your current location, and then present you with a list of gas prices nearest to where you are. You’ll also be given a map that helps you find the gas station you are seeking.

The one drawback to Cheap Gas is that this app doesn’t provide you with GPS turn-by-turn driving directions. But, you can find out where the gas station you want to visit is if you take a close look at the map (remember those map skills? You’re going to need them!). Cheap Gas is free, which is always a bonus in our app book.

Which App to Choose?

There two gas apps mentioned above are the best of the bunch. So, which one do you choose? Cheap Gas allows you to select a gas station according to your location. This is a great app if you are on the road, and searching for a gas station. If you don’t travel that much, GasBuddy may be the best choice, since you can just look up local gas stations.

If you choose a gas app that requires user input, do yourself (and your fellow drivers) a favor and add gas price information. Consumers should take a stand against high gas prices, and letting people know where the lowest gas prices are is the best way to accomplish this task. In fact, it’s one of the only ways to show gas companies that consumers won’t pay too much money for gas. Plus, some developers will allow you to accumulate points when you enter pricing information, and these points could wind up winning you a lot of free gas.