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  • Genius SlimStar i815 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Review
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The Genius SlimStar i815 isn’t the kind of keyboard you’d see showcased at CES. Conspicuously devoid of glitz, glamor, bells and whistles, the main things that the Genius SlimStar i815 has going for it are its affordability and reliability. With an MSRP of just $31.99, you won’t find many wireless mouse/keyboard combos for a lower price—and hardly any of comparable quality.

Overall, the Genius SlimStar i815 is great for a basic keyboard or mouse. It’s a step above what you might get out of the box with a cheaper computer or what you might get when springing for a wired keyboard on the cheap. It’s lightweight and has a slot for stowing away the mini receiver when not in use. Because of this, it’s a reasonable travel keyboard and mouse, too. If the Genius SlimStar i815 has a downside, it’s the lack of ergonomic features and programmable buttons. But if you can do without these, then the SlimStar i815 is a great bargain.

Genius SlimStar i815 Mouse

The moues that comes with the Genius SlimStar i815 is practically standard issue. It comes with the typical three buttons plus a tactile scroll wheel. There are no programmable buttons or ergonomic swooshing designs. But it does feature an on/off switch, which can help save battery life or at least make you feel like you’re doing something to conserver battery life (which might be just as good). The mouse requires a single AA battery to operate.

Genius SlimStar i815 Keyboard

The Genius SlimStar i815 keyboard is similarly Spartan, with the usual 104-keys plus three media keys that let you increase the volume, decrease the volume and mute. With its flat, square keys, the Genius SlimStar feels very much like an Apple keyboard. In terms of ergonomic features, there aren’t any—except the ability to raise the feet for a little extra tilt. In spite of the keyboard’s lightness and slimness, it feels sturdy enough to put up with some moderate wear and tear without quitting on you.

Setup and Use

The Genius SlimStar i815 is a no-brainer to get up in running. It works right out of the box, though you will have to plug in the receiver. Most systems will be able to start using the keyboard and mouse without manually installing any drivers, and there aren’t any settings to configure or custom keys to map.


Bottom-line: Get this keyboard if you’re looking for a reliable wireless keyboard for your desktop or laptop computer or for traveling. It’s compact, lightweight and has everything you need without any of the frills. It’s an excellent price for a decent wireless keyboard and mouse.