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  • The E.U. Internet: It's In the Works
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Germany and France are currently collaborating to turn all Internet traffic generated by the two countries away from the U.S. Sparked by the recent NSA controversy, the two countries want to keep all emails and Internet searches away from U.S. Government eyes.

According to a recent Reuters report, the two countries are stopping at French and Germany borders either.

What the Future Will Look Like

The goal of French and German governments is to create an European internet that's separate from the internet used in the United States (and, presumably, Canada). That could mean that other countries will soon be building internets that are not accessible to foreign eyes. The whole concept of internet within country borders goes against the concept of the internet, and that's kind of a scary thought.

There's another concern about this newly shaped internet,too. What happens when these countries try to shape and control what citizens can see when using the internet? What if the European internet is highly censored? What if citizens of various countries can't access certain websites? This does seem to be the direction that the online world is going in, and that's certainly not a good thing.

Other Countries Jump In

Following Germany and France's lead, other countries may soon build internet systems that leave the west behind. The fact of the matter is that countries outside of the western world don't want foreign governments intercepting emails or other private messages - and these countries are also about to nix any marketing or other attempts at selling to foreign audiences.

If Germany and France succeed with creating a separate Internet for E.U. citizens, it could mean a drastically different internet - one that doesn't include viewers from all over the globe. Soon, the western world may have a completely separate internet from the rest of the globe. What will this do for internet marketing? What about companies like Google?

It may mean the end of the web reign for the west, and it will certainly mean the end of what the NSA is capable of knowing about foreign internet users.

A World Disconnected

Even though the purpose of the internet is to bring the world together, this isn't the way that things are shaping up now. Clearly, the world is about to be divided where all things browsing and email-related are concerned. Is this a scary notion? It's certainly one that we're not used to, and it will mean a new internet world in the very near future.

Right now, German and French leaders are still building the case for a separate E.U. internet, but it looks like this notion is gathering a tremendous amount of steam throughout Europe. What will this mean for the internet as we know it? Only time will tell, but it looks like it means pure isolation from the western world.

What do you think about an internet divided along country borders? Does this concern you? What will it mean for social networks and companies like Google? Let me know below.