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Sometimes, a text resume just doesn’t convey all that you are. If you happen to have the gift of gab (or you just look great on video), you might want to check out {{http://GetHired.com|GetHired.com}}. This new job site allows job seekers to upload videos, post resumes, and even reply to employer-posted questions by recording sound tracks and uploading those to an application.

Why all the voice and video?

GetHired.com founder Suki Shah recently told Mashable that the company was founded based on Shah’s own hiring experiences. While most companies spend lots of dough on the interview process, there’s really no need for this type of expense. The goal of GetHired.com is to provide job seekers with every opportunity to present themselves in a good light while also providing employers with a free (for now) way to screen applicants in a number of different ways.

How GetHired.com Works

Job seekers can head to GetHired.com, create a profile, add a video introduction, and answer any employer questions that arise. The whole process is simple enough, takes only a few minutes (or a few video takes), and will connect those seeking a job with employers who are looking for specific skills. Of course, providing an employer with a fun and interesting introduction video will likely grab more attention than a standard introduction video, so keep this in mind.

On the employer side of things, GetHired.com has clearly been designed with employers in mind. Much like the job seeker process, employers can post jobs, search through a number of video resumes (many people have already created these resumes), and sift through applicants. GetHired.com also offers employers a way to keep track of interesting job seekers, schedule interviews, and even conduct real-time video interviews. Really, everything that an employer could need when it comes to the hiring process is available through GetHired.com.

Free For Both

Right now, GetHIred.com is free for both employers and job seekers. Since many other job sites out there are only partially free, it’s a great time for employers to jump on the GetHired.com bandwagon. While site founders have told press that there will be a small fee per job post in the future (around $25), the site is completely free to use right now. Shah has also stated the GetHired.com will always be free for job seekers to use.

Does the Internet need another job site? Perhaps a regular resume-posting job site isn’t a necessity these days, but GetHired.com isn’t like all the rest. It makes a great deal of sense for job seekers to contact potential employers via voice and video in addition to a regular print resumes. Why? Consider the attachment that the world currently has to smartphones and the Internet in general.

Everything today is mobile, video, or instant. A job site that doesn’t allow employers and job seekers the chance to connect instantly (and in video) is a job site that might not be around much longer. The founders behind GetHired.com have a great idea, and it’s an idea that job seekers and employers should consider right now.