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There are a lot of blogging platforms out there, but WordPress tends to beat them all. With most websites being powered by WordPress, sometimes it's hard to remember that there are other options. Options like Ghost.

Ghost is a new blogging platform that takes direct aim at WordPress. What makes Ghost different and why should you care? Let's take a close look at the new Ghost platform.

Inside Ghost

Ghost is simple. No, really simple. If you've ever messed around with WordPress before, you know that this platform can be buggy, and it's full of possible issues. Well, Ghost is different. This platform is for blogging only, and the company boldly displays that claim right on the main site.

Ghost also shows possible users how this platform is different. On one side of the screen, users will see simple blog posts - a clear page that is plainly filled with words. On the other side of the screen sit all of those past posts and logged posts. Gone are the days of switching between posts or trying to find a post amidst a mess of pages. Ghost makes navigation simple.

Fast Formatting

The thing that I really love about Ghost, though, is that it's quick. When you type up a blog post in Ghost, you can edit right from that screen - as you go along. You don't have to post, edit, and fix everything. It's all done for you right away, right from the start. Doesn't that sound clean and perfect?

So, how well does Ghost work? Well, the platform launched last night, and I've tested it out. Here are my reactions thus far.


Amazing "on the fly" editing
Clear formatting and wording
No mess and no fuss
Simple to get started
Love the right side preview - great idea

Possible Drawbacks:

Ghost isn't for everyone. This is solely a blogging platform, and that means that you may have to go elsewhere if you want something like the goods that WordPress offers up. Then again, WordPress is only useful if you like messing around with plugins, code, and other buggy bits.

Speaking of plugins and themes, you can actually write and customize both through Ghost. So, if you're looking to put some real effort into your site (that doesn't include WordPress), Ghost is really a great way to go. Plus, Ghost is entirely free to use.

Setting Up is Simple

Right now, bloggers will have to setup and download Ghost. But, the company will be rolling out a hosted version of the platform in the next few weeks. The site also comes with a handy guide that you can use to get you through the startup process. Really, though, the whole thing is as simple as it can be.

If you are tired of using WordPress, you may want to give Ghost a shot. Will Ghost revolutionize blogging? Maybe - there's certainly room for a platform other than WordPress, though! Have you tried Ghost? What did you think?