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  • Top 3 Gifts for the Apple Fan
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The gift-giving season is almost upon us. It can be quite difficult to choose the best gift for friends and family. The best bet is to narrow down gift ideas based on the person's interest. Even within an interest, such as Apple enthusiasts, the choices can be overwhelming. I've narrowed down the top three gift ideas for the Apple fans on your list.

iPad 2

If budget isn't an issue, the second generation iPad is a great gift, guaranteed to surprise and delight any Apple fan. The iPad 2 is on the pricier end of the scale, starting at $499. However, when considering all of the features and capabilities of this revolutionary tablet PC, it is well worth the price. The iPad 2 brings the concept of portable computers to a whole new level. It has almost all of the capabilities of a notebook, at a fraction of the size, weight and cost.

The iPad 2 weighs only 1.33 pounds and is incredibly thin, at only 0.34 inches. The touch screen eliminates the need for a keyboard for most basic browsing and emailing needs. It runs on a dual-core A5 chip, which enables quick, smooth multitasking. The iPad 2 uses flash storage, which allows users to access data quickly and is more durable than the traditional hard-drive with moving parts. It boasts an impressive 10-hour running battery life, ideal for long plane trips.

iPhone 4S

The latest iPhone is always a great gift idea for Apple fans, and the iPhone 4S is one of the most impressive to date. Whether your loved one is using an older generation iPhone, or has just been talking about getting one, the iPhone 4S is probably on his or her wish list. This smart phone uses the same powerful dual-core A5 processor chip as the iPad 2, bringing the same smooth, fast user experience and power-efficiency to this awesome phone.

The new iPhone also includes the popular Siri feature. Although it is still in beta testing, it is quite popular with Apple users. Siri is an intelligent assistant, which works on the iPhone with voice activation. Users simply ask Siri a question, such as "Do I need an umbrella?" or "Where's the closest public parking?", and the program figures out which app to use to find the answer to your question. The phone starts at $199, but requires a service contract, which can be a bit pricey. Make sure that the recipient is willing to pay the service contract before purchasing this gift.

Apple Magic Mouse

The Apple Magic Mouse is the most budget-friendly top gifts for Apple fans. At $69, it is still quite expensive for a mouse, but will surely be appreciated by Apple users. The price tag is justified in the magic mouse's design and technological abilities.

Just like all Apple products, it is designed with aesthetic appeal and usability in mind. The seamless casing of the mouse features Multi-Touch surface and gesture support. It combines the comfort of a traditional mouse, with the technology of the track pad, for the most versatile and advanced use. The mouse uses laser tracking, for the most precise response, and it also works wirelessly, connecting to the Mac via Bluetooth.