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  • Stella and Friends by Rovio Is Pink and Pretty
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Angry Birds Stella

Can Rovio do it all over again by creating another smash hit game with the company’s newest release, Any Birds Stella? Rovio is certainly hoping that you love the pink-themed game as much as they do, and that gamers of all genders will love. But, there’s some controversy surrounding the game too simply because it’s all pink.

Is Stella Sexist?

Angry Birds Stella is focused on three girly birds that are “best friends forever - most of the time” as the game’s slogan states. Each of the birds is pink or some manifestation of pink, and that is what has some critics questioning the game’s purpose. Why create a game that’s all pink? Is it to make sure that girls have something to play too? If that’s the case, is Rovio separating the girls from the boys? It might seem that way, but company spokespeople have told press that this isn’t Rovio’s intention.

Rather, Rovio is hoping that Stella will promote female heroism, and help to bridge gender gaps. The company also told press that most of the people checking out the game online are men, so that might account for something. It’s not clear whether or not Stella will continue to make some people angry on account of all the pink and frills, but this game also has some really fun components.

What Stella is Made Of

The game features birds that can be flung and tossed, and boy birds (it seems) that steal certain items from the girls in a teasing manner. Then there are the pigs - of course, Rovio’s new game includes those beloved pigs! In the game preview, the pigs report to some kind of queen bird, and she seems to have a strong dislike for the girl birds - hard to tell, but I think the fact that she maliciously throws away a photo of the pink girl bird friends is a dead giveaway.

But the game does look like it’s a lot of fun, and Rovio did get a good response rate when they debuted the game at the recent Comic-Con convention. In fact, the game got a lot of response from male players, so the company has told press, so that may be one way of arguing that Stella is not about girls, or separating the girls from the boys. Instead, the game might truly be about girl power, and that’s something to praise Rovio for.

Where to Play It

You can check out the Stella preview online right now if you visit the Rovio site. The actual game is available for download from the Apple Store, Google Play store, or through Amazon. The download of this game is free, and you may just find that you like the new pink birds and friends. Plus, Stella and her friends have moved to a golden island, and your mission is to protect them from the evil and scary princess -- spooky! Check out Stella, and let me know if this game is something you love or hate.