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  • Glitch: The New Open Coding Site
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From the designer behind Trello and FogBugz (Anil Dash) comes a new website that allows coders to build apps based on existing code. The site is called Glitch (originally Gomix). If you want to build out an app that’s original and you’re decent with coding, you may want to read a bit more about this new site.

Code in Real Time

Essentially, Glitch takes existing code and other projects and allows an open community of developers and coders to play with those bits and pieces. The objective? To build original apps with a little help from other coders. Glitch users can build and test code in real time through an open coding document that resembles a Google Document.

Since all code is developed on the Glitch site, there’s no need to worry about an inexperienced coder ruining an entire project. Further, Glitch apps can be taken off the site and downloaded. Glitch supports JavaScript and Node.js for now. Another fun features of Glitch is that users can import projects straight from GitHub onto the Glitch site.

So if you’re working on a GitHub project you can simply move it to Glitch, put it in an open editing document state, and get help on whatever you want to build out.

The Appeal of Glitch

Aside from the fact that it’s really hard to mess up a project on Glitch (since it’s all collaborative and saved), Glitch is also incredibly user-friendly. You don’t have to be an experienced coder to use Glitch, you can just work with other coders and use the site to learn. Unlike sites like GitHub, Glitch was designed to be simple to use and accessible.

It seems like the main purpose of Glitch is to bring coders together to work on various projects. Companies, too, can use Glitch for the purpose of building apps. Coders from around the world with various ideas and the desire to work together on a project will also find Glitch a useful tool.

One Small Glitch

The only drawback to creating a nice and nurturing coding atmosphere is that these types of open websites aren’t always so friendly. Sometimes, coders don’t work very well together at all. There’s also the possibility of ideas being stolen, someone messing up code intentionally, and the basic notion that coders might not use the site at all (or not as much as Glitch would like them to).

Needless to say, Glitch has its work cut out. The company has to entice coders, prove why it’s better than other sites of its kind, and then develop some kind of coder ethic that will prevent coders from sabotage or stealing app ideas. All of this is possible but it will be a journey for Glitch. Since the site has just launched, there’s no telling where it will go or how it will manage to attract coders seeking to work on open projects.

If you are a coder or want to work on an app but need some help from other coders, you can check out Glitch now. The Glitch site is no longer in beta mode, which means that anyone with basic coding talent can go to the site to share, learn, and collaborate.