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  • Gmail Finally Adds Calendar Feature
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It's been a long time coming. But, better late than never, right? Gmail users can finally add calendar events directly from email accounts. Why did Google take so long creating this feature? Who knows; but it's here are ready to roll. If you use Gmail, here's what you need to know about the new calendar feature.

How to Link Calendar Events

When someone sends you an email that includes a time and date, you can now click on that information inside of a message. At that point, Gmail will try to name your event for you, or you can change the name of the event manually (the choice is yours, but it's probably better to create your own name, so that you remember an event accurately).

In addition to adding an event to your calendar, the new feature will let you see the day that you have planned. If someone sends you an invitation for a new event, you can look at your daily schedule to see whether or not you have time to attend that event. All of this can be done with a simple click, and it's a really handy way to make sure that everything gets done on time.


The calendar feature is one that Gmail users have been seeking for a very long time. Finally, Gmail has rolled out this feature, but is it too late? So many Gmail users have been converted by Outlook solely based on the calendar synching options. So, it might be hard for Google to lure some users back to Gmail, and then get those users to take calendar action.

But, faithful Gmail users will use and love what Google has set up. Now, you can simply click on a date and time sent via email, and see whether or not you can attend an event. You can also schedule events, and use your Gmail calendar to remind you of upcoming events. In short, you shouldn't have any future excuses for missing any big events that you've scheduled -- and you should know exactly when you are available. Sound good to you? The new feature is being rolled out to today...to some Gmail users.

Selective Users to Start

Right now, the new Gmail calendar feature is only available to the English-speaking Gmail community. Google has stated that the new feature will be available to all Google users in the near future, so that's something to look forward to as well. So far, the new calendar feature hasn't been added to the Gmail app on Android, but that's sure to come soon.

What do you think of the new Gmail calendar feature? Aside from the fact that it took Google a really long time to come out with this feature, is it something that you will use regularly? Take a moment and sound off below. You never know, a Google rep could be reading this article, and your comments might be taken into consideration when the next Gmail update occurs!