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  • Gmail for iOS Update
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I’m an iOS user, but I love my Gmail. The problem is that the two (not surprisingly) don’t play particularly well together. The Gmail app for iOS tends to be a bit slow and clunky at times. This, in turn, can make using Gmail on an iPhone annoying. Thankfully, Google has recognized this problem. To rectify the situation, Google has updated the Gmail for iOS app. Included in this update are all kinds of great new features.

New Gmail for iOS Features

The first noticeable difference is that Gmail is faster. Not only is Gmail faster, but it’s also smoother. Gone, thankfully, are the days of a slow Gmail. You may also notice that Google Chat within Gmail is gone (who really used this feature anyway?). In its place are Google Plus Hangouts. While I’m not a huge fan of Google pushing Plus on users indiscreetly, Hangouts do make more sense than Chat. Another very cool feature comes directly from user requests.

Gmail users have been asking Google for some way to save photo attachments to an iOS camera roll. Now, this task can be accomplished by tapping and holding on an image. This action will, in turn, save a photo to an iOS camera roll. So, you know, you can save all of those images that your cousin on aunt sends to you. Sarcasm aside, being able to save email attachment photos to an iOS library is really convenient. Google also added one very interesting feature during the last Gmail for iOS update, but many might have missed this important notification.

Gmail and iOS Notification Center Work Together

Did you know that your Gmail emails can now be displayed on a locked iOS screen? This updated feature is a huge one, but somehow many iOS and Gmail users missed the news about this feature. How this happened, I’m not sure, but here’s how you can get your iOS Notification Center and Gmail to work together.

First, go to your phone’s “Settings” app. Then, select the “Notifications” option. From there, look for “Gmail.” Turn your notification center to “On” by toggling over, and choose the notification layout that you want to see. You can opt for no notification, a list form of email notifications, or banner form (small alerts). Setting up the notification center is simple, takes just a few minutes to complete, and will help you stay on top of your emails without having to open up the Gmail app every time.

Further Updates

One thing that Google is great at is providing users with constant updates. Whether its email or another Google program, this company never leaves well enough alone (and that’s a positive thing). You can be sure that Google will continue to update its Gmail for iOS app in the future, but, for now, go ahead and enjoy all that the newly updated Gmail for iOS has to offer – and don’t forget to make that Gmail app notification switch if you want to make your email life easier (don’t worry, you can always turn it off when you are on vacation!).