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  • Gmail Gets A Search Update
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I'm going to go on record stating that Gmail is the best mail service provider available. Why? Because Google is constantly updating Gmail. New features make Gmail excellent. The newest Gmail feature to arrive in North America is the Gmail complete Google search option. Here's how it works.

Across All Google Properties

You know that search box at the top of your Gmail account? You can now search for anything inside of that box. What does this mean? You can search for documents from Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Plus - any property that Google owns. You can search across all Google Properties from that one Gmail search box. I'll wait while you clap.

This new feature will be an amazing time saver. When you do search for something, any direct hits will be displayed inside of your Gmail box. You can simply scroll though the corresponding responses to find what you want. All of your Gmail search matches will still be there, but you'll see everything that you have across all Google properties too. How great is that?

Updates to Google Plus Too

Why would Google stop at new features for Gmail? The company has also updated Google Plus to include a new photo search option. Now, you can search for your own photos through Google Plus. Just type "my photos" into the Google Plus bar, and all of the photos that you've posted on the G+ site will appear.

Or, you can make that photo search even more specific by typing something like "my food photos" or "my vacation photos." If you use Google Plus a lot, this new feature will mean something great. If your photos are spread out across the Internet, the new feature might not mean that much. Still, it's just another way Google is proving that the company is always working to perfect their products.

When Will It All Happen?

Even though the new Google Plus and Gmail features have been officially announced, these features will not fully roll out until the end of next week. Some Gmail and Google Plus users might have access to all of these features right now, but many people will not. It all depends on how quickly Google is able to update all accounts.

The company has stated that the new updates will be available widely by the end of next week. So, if you can't access these feature right now, sit tight, they're coming. I'm loving the way that Google is making searching simpler. The Gmail search bar was always a fan favourite, and now it's better than before. I'm not a Google Plus user, but, if I were, the new photo feature is interesting and helpful.

What's Next For Google?

It's never easy to predict what Google will do next, but all of these small updates add up to a company that's entirely innovative. Google might not be as small as it once was, but the company's focus is still in the right place. You can bet that Google will be added some new update, sometime, to one of its products soon.