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  • Gmail Gets Some Fun Upgrades
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Google has upgraded Gmail to include some fun emojis. You’ve always been able to add emojis to Gmail, but the ones that the company has just added are a lot more in line with the emojis you’re probably already using when you send out a text.

Stepping into the fun emoji game with new emojis that are really fun to use is just part of Gmail’s latest upgrade.

Better Emojis

Do emojis really matter when it comes to composing an email? They do in our current culture. Most of us communicate via text using emojis every day. In fact, it’s rare to get a text that doesn’t include at least one emoji. But the emojis that you use when you send out a text aren’t quite the same as the ones that Gmail has offered for a while now. Sure, the lobster was fun and moved across a message nicely, but Google moved in the right direction with emojis that look a lot more like the ones you’re probably already used to.

Now you can tap into emojis like yellow-faced happy faces, cats with devil ears, and various food pictures. But emojis aren’t the only thing that Google has added to Gmail. The company is also focusing on making Gmail more fun to use if you stare at your inbox every day. Along with the happy smiley faces comes a bunch more Gmail themes that you may want to look at if you are in need of a theme change.

Some Great New Graphic Themes

Some of the new Gmail themes are really quite stunning, but more than that Google has added some editing tools to the themes. So, now you can do things like blur edges and soften the themes to really make your inbox your own. Why is Google putting so much effort into making Gmail more fun? Most people are used to apps like Instagram and emojis that are really fun to use, so using a mail service on a desktop that doesn’t incorporate any of those fun elements just doesn’t cut it for most people these days.

Just like you would using Instagram or any other service, you can now change your background in Gmail, play with editing options, and mess around with sending out emojis. So, really, Google is connecting more with what people today are used to and want. While Gmail is primarily used via desktop (though some people use the service via mobile), Google hasn’t really stepped up the Gmail game until recently.

Getting All the New Stuff

Google has made these upgrades to Gmail already, and you shouldn’t have to download anything or do anything to get the new stuff. However, I tried to access some of these new features from Canada, and they weren’t working. So, you may have to be located in the US in order to access the new Gmail features.

Presumably, Google will make all of the features available for everyone soon enough though, so you can send emojis to your colleagues shortly no matter where you live (just don’t get so comfortable that you start sending them to clients!).

Google is one company that’s always focusing on making its products better, and that’s exactly what the company has done with the latest Gmail upgrades. While not mind-blowing, these upgrades definitely make Gmail more fun.