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When one hears the word “DropBox” an image of the handy file sharing program pops up (you can read more about this program on our site). So, what is GoDropBox? Seemingly, this application must be related to the original DropBox. Interestingly, GoDropBox has nothing to do with DropBox. Well, almost nothing. The truth is Google openly states that GoDropBox was modeled after DropBox.

GoDropBox is an add-on for Google Apps. In the spirit of the true DropBox, Google has created an add-on that allows users to “drop” files into other users Google Documents accounts. GoDropBox can handle bigger files, it is entirely secure, and it’s great for people who use Google Documents regularly. Sound confusing? The principle behind GoDropBox is actually quite simple. Once you get the hang of it, that is.

What GoDropBox Does

Say, for example, you have a project that you want to hand into your client via Google Docs. You can create a Google document, invite the recipient, and share the file. This takes a bit of time to do (not a lot, but a “bit”). The other option (now available through Google Apps Marketplace) is to use GoDropBox.

Let’s take the same example as above. Instead of creating a Google Doc, inviting someone to share the doc, and then sharing the doc, all you have to do is drop the document directly into the recipient’s Google Doc. account. This makes the whole process a lot simpler. Concerned about security? Don’t worry. In order to access someone’s Google Doc’s account (or for them to access yours), a link to access the account must be sent.

Who Needs GoDropBox?

If you use Google Documents regularly, GoDropBox may be the program you’re looking for. This program makes it simple to share any document without hassle. All you really have to do is prepare a document, and drop that document into someone else’s Google Doc’s account.

As with most other things, GoDropBox comes with a catch. You can use up to 50MB of GoDropBox space. After that, you’ll have to pay $5 per month. Organizations can use GoDropBox for free. Depending on how much you use Google Documents, you may decide that 50MB is plenty of space. Or, you may decide that $5 per month is a fair price.

Google Claims

Google wants you to like GoDropBox. So, you’ll find a list of things that Google claims GoDropBox can do on the Google Marketplace site. Google claims that GoDropBox is more secure than sending an email attachment. This stands to reason, since any email attachment can be intercepted by menacing hackers.

Another reason why GoDropBox is becoming very popular is (as Google states) that GoDropBox can handle very large attachments. This is something that emails can’t do. If you try to send a very large attachment via email, the result could be a clogged inbox. There are a lot of reasons to try GoDropBox. If you use Google Documents regularly, GoDropBox can be your best friend. For all of these reasons, give GoDropBox a try.