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  • God of War Saga: Hold Onto Your Seats
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Just how grisly do you like your video games? If you’re into heavy graphics, lots of gore, and plenty of blood, you’ll dig the new God of War Saga release. This PS3 pack is meant to get you excited about the upcoming March 13th release of God of War Ascension, and it does a decent job. Included in the box set is every version of God of War already released.

The only exception is the 2D version that was released by Sony in 2007. So, basically, that’s God of War, God of War I, and God of War II. If you already have these games, the God of War Saga won’t be of much use – unless, of course, you’re a die-hard collector. It’s also worth pointing out (somewhat) that all three games have been remastered. As far as graphics go, Sony definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Get Ready to Destroy in Style

If you thought former God of War games were bloody, you haven’t seen anything yet. The new God of War Saga set is definitely bloodier. Kratos (God of War main character) takes center stage in this saga. In addition to his regular weapons, Kratos now has the ability to gain new weapons. Each game come with a different set of weapons that Kratos can pick up, making the games a lot more fun. Kratos’ trademark groans and grunts are still present, just with more oomph.

Speaking of grunts, it’s easier to defeat grunts with Kratos’ newly gained weapons. You’ll also like the fact that defeating major bosses is simpler with Quick Time Events keys. All of the games in this series (especially those designed for the PS3) kill where graphics are concerned. It can be expected that older games will not appear as sharp as newer versions, but gameplay is still a great deal of fun. If you’re new to God of War, you’ll definitely find the Saga collection enticing. If you already have all the games in this collection, Kratos’ new weapon collection might, or might not, be enough to justify purchasing the Saga.

Pricing and Purchasing Details

You can pick up the God of War Saga for $39.99. This is a great price for all of the games in the God of War series, if you don’t already own them. Sony is looking to cash in on the holiday crowd with the God of War Saga, since the next God of War addition (God of War Ascension) won’t appear for a few months. If you have someone on your holiday list that owns a PS3 and likes a lot of gore, the God of War Saga is a great starter set. It’s hard to deny that playing these remastered games aren’t a lot of fun, and watching Kratos tear through all those villains is kind of thrilling.

As with most PS3 games and sets, you can pick up the God of War Saga at your local Walmart or through a store like Best Buy. For less than $50, grabbing a set of remastered God of War games is a good deal. Plus, this set comes with a lot more violence, blood, and thrashing terror – who wouldn’t want that?