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  • 'God of War: Ascension' Is Worth It
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The new God of War: Ascension has arrived for PlayStation 3. If you're a God of War fan, you might be wondering a few things about this new game. First, you might be asking yourself how a new God of War is even possible. Second, you may be wondering whether or not this game is worth a purchase. Here are the answers to both questions.

Going Back In Time

If you can recall, the last instalment of this game had Spartan warrior, Kratos, visit Mount Olympus and kill everything in sight. Once Kratos was done killing, there weren't a heck of a lot of people or things left to kill. So, it makes sense that the newest version of this game goes back in time.

Ascension fills in Kratos' backstory. You know, stuff like how Kratos is a tortured soul, how he's searching for truth, and things of that nature. The game actually feels like some kind of history lesson, and the script that goes with the game is a lot like taking Mythology 101. That's not to say that there isn't some blood and gore that goes along with this new game, there is.

The Bloody Bits

Kratos moves through mythology killing people at will. You'll delight in ripping the Three Furies apart, and will laugh when it comes to destroying ancient Greek members of mythology. Kratos also has some new tricks up his sleeve. In addition to the usual weapons, Kratos now carries with him a magical amulet.

This amulet lets him breathe life back into dead things -- how else is he supposed to, say, talk to oracles and such? After all, most of these creates have been dead for the biggest stretch of time. Using his amulet, Kratos can speak to the dead and find out important details. The amulet also lets Kratos fix up old streets and bridges. Nearly anything that's decaying can be brought back to life with his new weapon.

Gameplay Details

The object of this game is to use Kratos' blades as quickly as you can. This means coming up with some clever combos and acting swiftly. The best weapon available are still Kratos' blades.

Entertainment Value

If you are really into mythology, you will dig what the new God of War has to offer. If you're not so into mythology, you might find this game a tad on the boring side. Kratos doesn't talk much, and when he does it's in a strange kind of monotonous voice. But, the game is well researched and includes lots of fun details that history buffs will love.

God of War: Ascension is currently available wherever video games are sold. The game retails for $59, which is on the steep side, but this is a quality game. Graphics in this game are great and everything really comes together to paint an awesome mythological picture. Is this new game for gore lovers? Maybe not; but, then again, it's hard to top the destruction that came with the last God of War game!